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  1. 16AA Deployment Videos

    Like the vid Roberts! Looking forward to seeing tonight’s.
  2. Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

    Just played this now, what an awesome game!
  3. Bombing In Manchester, UK 23/05/17

    I'm just speaking to my colleagues at work with the ambulance service and it's been a very full on night for them. The only (tiny) consolation is that this is an incident that we have prepared for time and time again and the response looked pretty quick and proportionate. Just gotta wait for all of the facts now.
  4. UPDATE A3: Modpack

    This has proper cracked me up. Also
  5. Wargame: Red Dragon 2v2 Tournament

    Yes yes yes yes and steel division when it's eventually out!!
  6. HR 29/03

    There's a button that says copy links on each pic and then it's the forum one.
  7. HR 29/03

  8. HR 26/03

  9. HR 22/03

    2 platoon attempt at fast roping Coxson doing the best thing for all involved
  10. Op Barbarossa

    2 survivors from that in a whole section! And I think I was deafened too haha!
  11. Home Rotation (16/11/2016)

    Just before 2 Section got mortared!
  12. Juno VII

  13. Juno I

    Cracking video, love the chap taking the chair at the end!
  14. JUNO III

    1/3 perspective
  15. JUNO II

    That was ace, good to see it from another perspective!