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  1. Arksey

    Long time no see

    Hi guys, long time no see, just checking in making sure everything/everyones all good. Lifes been hectic so took a step back from milsim, hoping to return as soon as life free's up a little. Arksey
  2. Arksey

    Timms, Mat

    Letter sent
  3. Arksey

    Operation Cobalt XXI

    Confirmed: snap ambushes are effective
  4. Arksey

    Anyone still play Squad?

    Myself, beardmore and hendrickx play from time to time. Send me your steam and ill let you know next time i play
  5. Arksey

    McCarthy, Oran

    A letter has been sent to your inbox. Check there on how to proceed
  6. Arksey

    Robson, John

    Letter sent
  7. Arksey

    Someone take Tasner's Driving license away

    yay I've been waiting for another one of these EDIT: Didn't realise it was just a teaser and now I'm feeling like my life is missing something
  8. Arksey

    Escape from Tarkov

    I haven't played it in a while, but I'd be game to jump back into it. Which task is it you're doing?
  9. Arksey

    HR VI

  10. Arksey

    Rodmell, Matthew James

    A letter has been sent to your inbox, check there on how to proceed.
  11. Arksey

    Bortolussi, Vincent

    A letter has been sent to your inbox, check there on how to proceed.
  12. Arksey

    HR I

  13. Arksey


    yes meadows, yes it is.
  14. Arksey

    Operation Chromite XV

    Definitely, but being part of the medical chain is always fun much better than being instantly obliterated
  15. Arksey

    Operation Chromite XV