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  1. if you didn't want to be that guy, you didn't have to be
  2. Boooo u suck (love you tho boo xxxx)
  3. @Alexander Just chuck an enlistment form in, and i'll sort you out an interview for later tonight, i'm sure we can work it all out!
  4. If you look closely, I am waving from the window of Ugly.
  5. Add me up on steam! This game is rad! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shaggyfam
  6. Fantastic photos as always!
  7. Ah, the heroics of taking a bullet in the face to watch a very suspicious box. A true Deity!
  8. Count me in. Loving it at the moment!
  9. Unfortunately, the ball is the wrong shape. If anyone it'd have to be Manchester Utd. But Saracens are the kings of sport
  10. In love with the groove. Would highly recommend Choose your weapon from Hiatus Kaiyote for all those soul loving guys
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