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  1. I guess... but I have a lot more beard now. XD
  2. Looking good lads!
  3. Man... I need to get my streams going. You get some funny shit happen in the medics xD
  4. *When A Coy is stepping off to kick some ass*
  5. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    Don't make me "Bolt" over there.
  6. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    Are you trying to Spark a pun war?
  7. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    @Pte Chelton Those powerlines... ...Shocking.
  8. Grover

    Op Chromite XI

    Nice vid @Plt Off Dennett
  9. Grover


    All candidates: Please make sure you are online in time for this course. If there are any issues then please PM me. We have limited spots on this course and if you are absent at the start of the course (40 minutes from now) without a reason, you may lose your spot.
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