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  1. Man... I need to get my streams going. You get some funny shit happen in the medics xD
  2. You will have received a message from me detailing the next steps to your application. Welcome to 16aa!
  3. *When A Coy is stepping off to kick some ass*
  4. You have been sent a message on what to do next.
  5. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    Don't make me "Bolt" over there.
  6. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    Are you trying to Spark a pun war?
  7. Grover

    Operation Reckless

    @Pte Chelton Those powerlines... ...Shocking.
  8. Grover

    Op Chromite XI

    Nice vid @Plt Off Dennett
  9. https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousLightPoxJKanStyle MD caught one of my manly battle roars.
  10. Grover


    @Pte Archie Cheeky bugger. I was practicing my gymnastics you see.
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