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  1. Archie

    HR IV

    Lee is the source of all 1/2s problems
  2. Archie

    OP Mineral

    You can really feel the tension in that last clip xD
  3. Archie


    Ill come along too.
  4. Archie


    Got a few of Grover being his usual useless self, glad to have you back!
  5. Archie


    Yh that makeshift checkpoint in the town was rather obvious, i was running all around that town with my binos, did a runner when the Apache shown up though xD
  6. Archie

    OP Chromite IV

    Is there a problem with my stellar parking? I even managed to get us less than 5 metres from a known IED position! But seriously invisible walls are a bitch. xD
  7. Archie

    Op Chromite III

    Whos was driving the floating Foxhounds? Thats some mighty fine driving to pull of that manoeuvre.
  8. Archie

    Chromite II

    Yh im pretty sure we checked all the sand on Takistan, not like we had anything else to do though! xD
  9. Archie

    Op Watchtower II

    Shush, no needs to know about that!
  10. No, its from the movie Snatch
  11. Do you know what nemesis means?
  12. Honestly i could start posting so many Rucka Rucka bangers you'd all hate me so i think ill leave it.
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