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  1. 1/3 moving through BLUE sector.
  2. Excuse the blood on the screen. So uncivilised.
  3. Calm before the Storm
  4. Night Landing Danger Close Javelin, w. 1/0B @Sgt Scarle Rollin' with my homies
  5. @Pte Jonsson and I taking a direct hit from a Flight airstrike on our pos. You can see the incoming ordnance in the pic. Think is was meant for the BTR we had destroyed 30s earlier.
  6. Come back to us Nielsen. So many billets! Cullen
  7. I'll upload some later. I shadowplay every OP so I can grab screens. Got some nice ones of the Swedish choppers and snowcats.
  8. How old are the daughters? If under 18, Prince Andrew would like a word...
  9. Cpl Cullen


    Will never hear the end of this...
  10. @Flt Lt Goosen dropping 4/1 off on the Fire Station.
  11. @Sgt Scarle on the Barrett .50 cal. Hearts & Minds...
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