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  1. Come back to us Nielsen. So many billets! Cullen
  2. I'll upload some later. I shadowplay every OP so I can grab screens. Got some nice ones of the Swedish choppers and snowcats.
  3. How old are the daughters? If under 18, Prince Andrew would like a word...
  4. Cpl Cullen


    Will never hear the end of this...
  5. @Flt Lt Goosen dropping 4/1 off on the Fire Station.
  6. @Sgt Scarle on the Barrett .50 cal. Hearts & Minds...
  7. Wife. And yes, she is a master of scaring the shit out of me, normally from dark corners. Keeps me on my toes at least! :-)
  8. Can confirm - did need airdrop of new underwear, post ambush.
  9. Another season in the Championship....
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