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  1. You use Blender to edit these vids? or was this one time special occasion? I'm usually Blender fanboy, but I can't remember when was the last time I used it to edit vids (I believe around 2012, in uni)
  2. V Tasner

    Vampire IV

    You keep ejecting and running away from your problems, you need to face them.
  3. Speed really is not the problem here. It's the lack of view, you can switch to periscope mode, which can only look straight forward. On cabin view, it doesn't help the side mirrors do not work at all. 16CSMR - We make our own casulties.
  4. I was waiting for this In my defense, you can't hear anyone from outside when you're driving I learned from the best. Also, I legitimately did not see the casulty when I went out xD I found out about him when I returned with reinserts
  5. V Tasner

    Vampire I

    No wonder you got wounded when you keep looking at billboards.
  6. V Tasner

    HR IV

    you blame Lee for everything? I like you.
  7. V Tasner

    HR III

    That bus is awesome. Perfect, subtle, inconspiuous troop transport. 11/10 would steal it again
  8. What about those in third world countries that never had any? Altough, for few weeks of crunchtime I was eating breakfast in office, McVities digestion cookies (something like that), does that count?
  9. Spas, is there a difference? just add bre to make it serbian
  10. Since we do have a couple (3?) members from around here, you might learn something new :)
  11. Sure, just a heads up, I think the form messed up, I DON'T have Apex, but I DO have a mic. Prior Experience: Regarding this kind of immersive gameplay, none, except for few short sessions on 77th JSOC server. Experience with ArmA3 is playing with friends on King of the Hill servers which are nothing compared to ths kind of milsim. While we were playing KotH, we were immersive, relying on teamwork, tactics, and comms. Aside from ArmA3, I've been in the series since Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, I love the simulation and realism aspect of the series. I wasn't playing any of the arcade-ish shooters (BF, CoD, CS) since I don't like that kind of gameplay. I did try some of them, but never stick to it. Reason for Applying: When I was playing on 77th I've seen there is much more when it comes to more realistic milsim aspect of ArmA3, ever since I wanted to experience more teamwork, more tactics, better comms, and a chain of command (sucker for it, altough I like being on the bottom of the chain). I've been researching for some time to find unit based in Europe (latency reasons), after finding few, looking into it, I've made my choice to apply for this unit. Completing missions with great teamwork, great tactics, communicating with other squads has been my dream for a while. Thank you for considering me as a recruit.
  12. Member name: Wicked_100 Application to: 16 Air Assault Brigade PERSONAL DETAILS: [table] Real nameDate of birthLocationNationality Vlado TasnerSep, 1992CroatiaCroatian[/table] CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING JOINING REQUIREMENTS: I own Arma3 and its expansion Arma 3 Apex I own a Microphone I am 18 years of age or older I can meet the 16AA's requirement about no dual clanning I can attend a 3-hour operation every Wednesday and Sunday from 1900 Zulu (in summer) / 2000 Zulu (in winter) I will respond to posts on the forums in a timely fashion I will let the group know when I cannot make scheduled events and post LOAs in a timely fashion I wish to be a contributing and valuable member of this group GAMING AND EXPERIENCE: GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: Playing KOTH with few friends, trying to be as tactical and immersive as we can be. As I understand, you have some sorts of training which I will gladly attend to become a better player. I love the aspect of teamwork and great comms between players. PREVIOUS GROUPS: Never have ever been in a group, except few of us, but we're not official or anything. I was joining some TeamSpeak servers of other groups, pruely as a guest, going into empty rooms with the friends that were mentioned before. REASON FOR APPLYING: I want to experience next level of immersive milsim, I've been browsing for some groups, you're the ones I liked the most. I'm a sucker for great teamwork and comms. I can get Apex DLC if needed. WERE YOU REFERRED TO US: Negative, I've found you through random googling
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