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  1. I wish TS was recorded for this 😄
  2. until
    Ladies and Gents, the remodel that everyone has asked for is here. Offensive operations, providing the base knowledge to move forward with the rest of the CIC, and develop key skills necessary to conduct operations, taking the fight to the enemy. All those attending, add me on Discord so I can, in turn add you to the group DM for relevant information. MAX 10 STUDENTS Course begins at 1900z, aim to finish NLT 2200z.
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    Basic Signals

    Ladies and Gents. ITC are running a Basic Signallers course for all ranks above Pte to attend. This is a vital skill in the smooth operations of the 16AA. Therefore all those that are ranked Pte and above are strongly encouraged to attend (especially those with 152s).
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