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  1. Krauser


    Hey my old section got the first rollout! Nice!
  2. Krauser

    Next OP

    See, Grey gets it! Ginger nuts suck though, if I wanted ginger I'd make carrot cake
  3. Krauser

    Next OP

    I don't like them in the slightest, they're like cemented sawdust! They don't even taste good! Much prefer a good custard cream or jammy dodger!
  4. Krauser

    Next OP

    Hobnobs are terrible, let them have 'em!
  5. Krauser

    Next OP

    That would actually be kind of a fun idea, out and about as normal soldiers doing normal soldiery things when the place gets attacked by criminals and whatever, we could then go about defending the place for as long as we could
  6. Krauser

    Op Chromite III

    The truck bought me dinner and took me to see a movie, what was I supposed to do?
  7. Krauser

    Movie/TV show quotes

    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
  8. Krauser

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Best Song Ever You'll all enjoy this. Probably.
  9. Krauser

    PC Cleaning

    Had a PC in my store for cleaning today, guy tells me it's running slow, and shuts down a lot, he had no idea why. This is what I find when I remove the main front panel.
  10. Krauser

    eSports Industry Awards.

    I agree with Kirwan, this guy didn't deserve it, there's a lot better out there than this... Thing.
  11. Krauser

    SCBC Qualification

    Well done Sendall! You've made 1/2 proud!
  12. Krauser

    Equipment requests

    Request for Backpack/Pack for Bren Gunner role, as currently it's impossible for the assist to give ammo without the Bren gunner having to cancel fire to pick up ammo from the floor.
  13. Krauser

    Krauser, Nate

    Also, edit/alteration on the referral, the person's name was Pte Grover
  14. Krauser

    Krauser, Nate

    My reasons for applying are as follows: I enjoy the military experience that ARMA3 has to offer I'm specifically joining 16AA because I've only heard good things about the community I enjoy FPS games and Simulation/Real Experience games My real life experiences come from being a member of Holbrook Grenadier Guards for 3 years, and becoming a Sergeant whilst I was there.