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  1. RRO Ben has sent a letter.
  2. RRO Ben has sent letter to candidate.
  3. Congrats lads, welcome to the unit fully.
  4. From: Ben, Pte, on behalf of 16AA H/RRO To: A Coy + Attachments Subject: Applications invited for RRO Priority: Routine DTG: 311336Z Jan 20 ++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ RRO are looking for current members from Pte and above who would like to become a Recruiter. The training procedure up to a full RRO Recruiter is short. It involves a first session sitting in on an interview with a current Recruiter and a second where you take an interview with an RRO Recruiter to supervise and discuss what to look for in applicants afterwards. As an RRO Recruiter you will be expected to: Process applicants - Processing recruits means reviewing their application, scheduling an interview, conducting the interview and filing the results in the recruit's Personnel File. Assist any new prospective members (On the TS and Forums) with any questions they may have. Take part in and discuss ideas for recruitment campaigns. You will need qualities that suit working with and judging new applicants. To be as fair, friendly and helpful as possible but also firm and critical. If you're interested in the role, then pop a PM with a couple of lines explaining why to myself. Carry on Gents. ++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++
  5. Plt Off Ben



    Yeah go ahead mate. @Rec Taylor
  6. Not sure about you guys, but I'm feeling this OP already
  7. I had a brilliant photo of a Blackhawk giving us a flyby on the truck. Sadly I forgot to save it.
  8. Three confirmed BMP kills with dozens of Infantry kills. Good on ye @Arkey and @Liberts lets hope Terry lives on T
  9. Plt Off Ben

    Op Chromite III

    Mind you, MSP has the finest driver that rubs the Foxhound just the right way to make it float.
  10. MSP founds out about the new AA trench.
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