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    Football. F1, Rally, good cars, good beer, and pretty ladies :)

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  1. Link it if you have it... Would like to see how our comms were...
  2. This! Most tense situation i was in with the 16AA... @Pte Griffin thanks for having faith in me in taking the first bullet.
  3. Spasojevic

    Op Watchtower II

    Not far from truth, one year early though... shame that the video got deleted... I liked it
  4. Basil: Is there something wrong? German Guest: Will you stop talking about the war? Basil: Me? You started it. German Guest: We did not! Basil: Yes, you did. You invaded Poland.
  5. Spasojevic

    Vampire I

    Fancy neighborhood.
  6. Better luck next year mate. I honestly taught that the Derby will be the one in the PL but i was proved wrong. Now i hope Fulham will get to the top class.
  7. Perfect view from the backseat.
  8. I just started playing it so if you ever wanna kill some time just hit me up.
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