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  1. we did at least one op stream with multiple people streaming during Habash i think it was 4 or 6
  2. same as before Op start time
  3. same as before same place same time
  4. that barrel roll from the enemy vehicle was amazing
  5. 1/1 Section training Start time is the usual op time so be on ts 30 mins before for a head count If you are late we wont be waiting for you.
  6. @Cpl Joyce if you have a spare slot let the man train, you get more numbers and i get a trained up recruit.
  7. i saw you two just hovering in the air, was confused as fuck
  8. 3 NLAWS prepared to fight any enemy armor that come its way
  9. loved every moment of this, first time cardiac arrest case ive had and i saved the man.
  10. Cpl Predo

    HOI4 MP night

    HOI4 MP night
  11. Cpl Predo

    HOI4 MP night

    Another hoi4 MP night
  12. Cpl Predo

    16AA Antistasi

    This is no longer in effect but you can join tonights side op @Rec Cain
  13. Cpl Predo

    Phase 1

    I invite all Recruits and all that can attend.This training will take place from normal OP time on Thursday. ITC intend to hold a Phase 1 training session Thursday 27/06/2019 2000GMT. The session will last around two and a half to three hours but may be longer if there is a large recruit cadre. Note that you will be attending with other recruits and instructors - not with your sections for the night. Course: Phase 1 Start Time: 2000GMT - please attend from 1930Z. Instructor(s): Cvijanovic, Farlie AIM The Phase 1 course is a collection of basic drills and theory - the intended purpose of which is to prepare recruits for deployment in an infantry section as well as provide the necessary information for assessment. Modules this course will cover include: Introduction, Battle Preparations. Six Section Battle Drills. Formations. Including ARD. Contact calling and Referencing. Boarding procedure. Grenades and AT. Basic Medical. Fire and Maneuver. Final Live Fire Exercise. (time allowing) Successful completion of P1 is a requirement of all new members and is needed for a promotion to private (and therefore full 'membership' in the 16AA). TECHNICAL PREPARATION It is imperative you sort your addons prior to this event. Our servers are available at all times and anyone in TS can help you make sure that you've followed the instructions to the letter. This includes the correct assignments of interaction and self-interaction keys for ACE (Advanced Combat Environment). Jumping on the server and checking ACRE with another person will minimise the risk of technical errors. If anything is not working very close to the time we're due to begin it's unlikely you can take your P1 and we will start without you. ACKNOWLEDGE You should answer 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe' (if you provide a reason) to the poll above to confirm your attendance. PM the instructor if you're a 'Maybe', or just require assistance with anything stated here. If you vote 'Maybe', make sure to resolve this to a 'Yes' or 'No' as soon as you can prior to the Phase 1. A significant lack of attendees may cause this training to be postponed.
  14. Cpl Predo

    Phase 1

    Its this friday 21 of June, that was a typo.
  15. Hello Everyone, Me, James, Duke and a couple of more ppl have been playing HOI4 very frequently as of late and we though it would be a great idea to host 16aa hoi4 game with as many players as we can get. SO I INVITE EVERYONE GOOD AND BAD AT THE GAME TO JOIN IN THE FUN AND MAKE WW2 AS STUPID AS IT CAN GET. this event starts at 20:00 GMT Predo
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