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  1. 1/1 section training in the jungle gonna practice the Long range recce patrols we did and gonna go over setting up harbours and everything that covers that 6 people voted on the poll for this day, so make sure you attend
  2. training for 1/1 section
  3. Poor Wiliams, got his Attack Chopper Kill stolen from his Scrivener is stolen valor confirmed
  4. we did at least one op stream with multiple people streaming during Habash i think it was 4 or 6
  5. same as before Op start time
  6. same as before same place same time
  7. that barrel roll from the enemy vehicle was amazing
  8. 1/1 Section training Start time is the usual op time so be on ts 30 mins before for a head count If you are late we wont be waiting for you.
  9. @Cpl Joyce if you have a spare slot let the man train, you get more numbers and i get a trained up recruit.
  10. i saw you two just hovering in the air, was confused as fuck
  11. 3 NLAWS prepared to fight any enemy armor that come its way
  12. loved every moment of this, first time cardiac arrest case ive had and i saved the man.
  13. Cpl Predo

    HOI4 MP night

    HOI4 MP night
  14. Cpl Predo

    HOI4 MP night

    Another hoi4 MP night
  15. Cpl Predo

    16AA Antistasi

    This is no longer in effect but you can join tonights side op @Rec Cain
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