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    Operation Cactus I 162000ZDEC18

    OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC A COY 2 PARA SUBJECT: Operation Cactus I 162000ZDEC18 +++++++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 0630L Weather: cold and foggy at dusk and dawn; hot, humid and sunny during the day. High chance of rain. Current pos: ████████ TASK ORG: 0 - BN Liaison 0A - Lt Silbot 10A - 2Lt MacDonald 41A - A/LCpl Cullen II. GROUND Generally flat terrain covered in dense jungle with steep declines to rivers. Villages arounds waterways and scattered throughout hills are connected by dirt roads. III. SITUATION ███████████ are suspected of using routes to through ███ and ██████ to funnel resources to their fighters in the south by foot and boat. Due to the ████████ situation in the region, we are restricted to a bombing campaign as a response to these alleged activities. As part of a ████████ operation, the ███████████████████ is currently in ███████████ conducting ███████████ missions throughout the area. Although in the past 3 months the ██████ have recorded almost ██████ of destroyed resources and over █████████████, their operations have been considered slow and inefficient. As such the ███ ███████████has been attached as ██████████. The ██ have been using ██████████████████████████. They have also directly attacked ████████ twice in the past month. Due to the amount of ██████ being moved through the area, various ████ zones have been set up around areas not covered by friendly forces. ENEMY FORCES Strength: J2 assessed as BN Strength remaining in our AO. Morale: Assessed as high Small arms: Generally AK type small arms up to 14.5mm of Russian manufacture but with some older captured western type armaments Hvy Weapons: RPG7 or variants and 60-82mm mortars are likely. Vehicles: Medium possibility of logistics vehicles, low possibility of armed vehicles Aircraft: Low Air Threat: Medium Mine Threat: Low in general but assume medium threat in areas of interest. FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy 2 and 3 Plt with be based at ████████ ████████████████████ are based ████ of us at █████████ ████████████ and ████████████████████ are based ████ of us at ██████████ Air assets are available. IV. MISSION A ████ element of the ██████ was sent to complete a strike report on the ██████████████ at ███████████ at ████. As off ████ there has been no contact with the ██████. With the bulk of the ██████ already deployed on the other side of the ████, we have been assigned as ███ to the ████████. 3 apc’s of the ██████ will transport us from ██████ to ███████████ before returning to ████████. Once secure we will report to our liaison and await further orders. V. EXECUTION Orders from Lt Silbot/2Lt MacDonald to follow. VI. ROE All boats are considered viable targets due to they use as logistics transport. Armed units are considered viable targets whether in uniform or civilians. Unarmed civilian casualties are to be avoided where possible. VII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: As per SOP ii. Weapons: As per SOP iv. Ammo: As per SOP v. Meds/CMT: CSMR are to operate as per SOP. IIX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Silbot (0A), 2Lt MacDonald (10A) ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Log Net Channel 4, Fires Net Channel 5, Flight net Channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: SIERRA NOVEMBER / OSCAR WHISKY 1940Z - Join server 1950Z - Briefing by BN Liaison 2010Z - H-Hour +++++++++++++++++ENDS+++++++++++++++++
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    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    i either missed this or forgot to comment lol, sign me up
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    ADMIN Engineer taskings

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    Ive been wanting to a get warthog flight stick for ages but i have a feeling i would get alot more use from buying a steering wheel, shifter and pedals first. I do alot more racing than flying.
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    Yh i have the standard version of battle of stalingrad, i used to have a flight stick but i got rid of it when i didnt sue it for like 2 years, now i fly with my ps4 controller.
  6. FROM: P.Colt TO: 16 Air Assault Brigade, Recruitment and Retention Office SUBJECT: Application to join 16AA PRIORITY: ROUTINE DTG: 12/15/2017 - 05:54:09 PM PERSONAL DETAILS: Real name Date of birth Location Nationality Patrick Bowen-Colthurst-Kruger 09/10/1995 England British, German, Irish CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING JOINING REQUIREMENTS: Yes - I own Arma3 and the Apex expansion Yes - I own a Microphone Yes - I am 18 years of age or older Yes - I can meet the 16AA's requirement about no dual clanning Yes - I can attend a 3-hour operation every Wednesday and Sunday from 1900 Zulu (in summer) / 2000 Zulu (in winter) Yes - I will respond to posts on the forums in a timely fashion Yes - I will let the group know when I cannot make scheduled events and post LOAs in a timely fashion Yes - I wish to be a contributing and valuable member of this group GAMING AND EXPERIENCE: GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: I have been obsessed with the military for as long as i can remember from ww1 all the way to modern day. I was in the british army cadets for around a year And have extensive knowledge of how military units operate and how their technology works. When i have joined any arma unit in the past i have found that i know 99.9% of the training and that the learning for me comes from adjusting my play style to how that select units works and functions. I have become very calm and generally relaxed in all aspects of life after 5 years working in retail. I especially find myself good at resolving arguments and calming people down. Regardless of the position i hold, as long as i have fun and the people around me are happy then i am really not fussed what job i have. PREVIOUS GROUPS: Been in arma groups since 2011, lost count of the amount of units i've been in. If i had to guess over the years i would say at least 20-30. The majority lasted only a few months however i spent up to a year in a couple of units that have since disbanded. After being away from arma completely for almost a year i am no aware of any of my previous units still existing. A number where based on the british military including the sas and a few based on various american units. As for the exact names of the units, i'm afraid i simply can not remember them. I'm sure however if i saw a list of units i could tell you which ones i've been in. REASON FOR APPLYING: I have been out of playing arma for around a year and would like to get back into playing, i am working my way towards becoming a full time streamer and youtuber and getting arma back into my life is important to me. It seems that you have a good amount of people in all areas of your unit which to my eyes says that you have a well rounded system that is effective and everyone has the chance to do a role that they feel happy and comfortable in. Plus it would be nice to not have to stay up till 4am to play with a unit based in the US WERE YOU REFERRED TO US: No, I live pretty close to the garrison of the 16th AAB (Real 16thAAB), i also know a few people who joined and just wondered if there was a arma version of them.