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  1. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  2. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  3. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  4. With the completion of our combat operations on AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, Intelligence operations will continue along with the start of reconstruction efforts. BN HQ Debrief Statement: It is clear that the situation on Stratis is still evolving. With the end of combat operations, the island is under the control of a British-led NATO coalition but will be off-limits to all Greek military units until further notice. Over the following weeks, reconstruction will take place in a number of locations to restore power to the island, a number of locations still have to be cleared of explosive devices, various static emplacements will be dismantled, and a large number of fallen infantry and civilian casualties due to enemy action also need to be moved and identified. Members of BN HQ and the MOD along with the Secretary of State for Defence have sent their thanks and gratitude to the 16AA for its efficiency and professionalism in this complicated situation. J2 originally believed that the initial forces encountered in the campaign were connected to a PMC based out of Africa, hired by an ultimate employer who also enabled the Hellenic forces on the island to conduct the attempted coup d'état. This scenario was altered when the Hellenic forces engaged a platoon size element of PMC forces. Although the combat focus will now shift to the island of Altis, J2 will continue with its investigations on Stratis with a large amount of military equipment and around 200 civilians still unaccounted for. 
  5. I'd rather go into battle with some morphine than a french weapon.
  6. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  7. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  8. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  9. After our 7th operation, J2 has updated its findings. For the first time, Hellenic forces were encountered on the island. Initially it was unclear as to their allegiance and orders, however, that situation quickly changed when they engaged our forces moving through AGIOS EFSTRATIOS. After suffering a number of casualties our forces pushed through AGIOS EFSTRATIOS and took up defensive positions around Airbase Stratis. It is still unclear as to the allegiance or intentions of the Hellenic forces and PMC forces on the island. Both forces have been seen engaging each other which makes the situation on the island more complicated. J2 will continue to investigate the allegiance of the Hellenic forces along with their intentions. The enemy has so far consisted mainly of forces believed to be part of the PMC group based out of Africa, they have been displaying mostly eastern bloc weapons and a hybrid of conventional warfare and guerrilla-style warfare. They continue to show a level of military formations which depicts and level of training close to that of a 1st world military. The Hellenic forces encountered in AGIOS EFSTRATIOS displayed their standard issue equipment along with NATO certified body armor. A heavy presence of MINEs and IEDs was found in and around AGIOS EFSTRATIOS with a minefield detected on a southern hillside, these will be removed by EOD teams. These detections have caused a change to the SOP, as such all infantry units on Stratis will now conduct operations with Vallons. 2 civilians were captured during the second phase of operations in AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, who after questioning by J2 and command intelligence elements, revealed a large amount of key intelligence. J2 strongly believes that a force of at least company strength up to a possibility of 3 companies of Hellenic forces are fortified within Airbase Stratis. A number of unmarked vessels docked at AGIOS EFSTRATIOS around 48 hours prior to the Greek government’s announcement of “loss of contact”. These vessels are believed to have contained a large amount of logistics support and the first delivery of long-range IDF and AA equipment. From eye witness accounts, the docks at AGIOS EFSTRATIOS, Airbase Stratis, Kamino firing range and Mike-26 were blocked off and guarded around 12 hours prior to the vessels docking. J2 strongly believes that high ranking personnel of the Hellenic forces will be present at Airbase Stratis and therefore request all units to exercise extreme caution when engaging targets, all high ranking personnel are to be evacuated to the nearest secure military location at the earliest opportunity possible. Any seized intelligence is to be secured and transported to the nearest secure military location. J2 will continue to conduct extensive investigations throughout the island while our operations continue and after they have been completed. The situation on Altis continues to decline however the current storm system over the island is heavily disrupting any attempts at surveillance. The same storm is expected to hit Stratis within the week.
  10. After our assault onto Camp Rogain J2 Continued their investigations. Due to the number of casualties sustained during the previous operation J2 is now advising a less aggressive combat style, they also suspect that the enemy will try the maneuvers and tactics used again as they have proven extremely effective against us. J2 predicts the enemies morale will have improved after the mass casualty event that occurred. After the enemies use of Fixed wing and Rotary aircraft, J2 is considering the use of additional assets to assist us in the final stages of this operation. The enemy appears to be using a the Scorched earth strategy, as such there was little to no information within or around Camp Rogain. J2 suspects that the battles for AGIOS EFSTRATIOS and Airbase Stratis will be extremely challenging. If any Hellenic forces remain on the island, these two locations are certainly their base of operations. J2 has seen no evidence that the Hellenic forces based on the island are opposed to the forces occupying as such they suspect the Hellenic forces are using the pmc groups to occupy locations that have less military or strategic value. With the cloud cover of the island continuing to thin, J2 has continued its satellite surveillance, They have detected a number of vessels approximately 50NM south the island. It is unknown if these vessels intend to support the enemy forces or are simply passing vessels, however they are currently not responding to any communication attempts. J2 and BN HQ are considering multiple options to decrease the difficulty, civilian casualties and collateral damage during the assaults on AGIOS EFSTRATIOS and Airbase Stratis. Developments on Altis: The area between the two makeshift borders has now become a dead zone with no civilian or military presence resulting in a noticeable split of the country. Power from the Telos Solar array has been cut to the south of the island, this resulted in around 3 days of total power loss however the power to the south of the island has now been restored from an unknown source. A group of Hellenic special forces attempted to land under the cover of dark to the South West of Pyrgos with the intent to set up surveillance on the nearby mountain range. All communication was lost with them around an hour after landing. A number of civilian boats set off from a beach west of Charkia and landed near Neochori a few hours later. They were rounded up by Hellenic forces and taken to a holding facility. The civilian’s ID'ed a number of high ranking military personnel, this has confirmed the theory behind the Coup d'état being driven by military personnel of Altis birth. It has been confirmed that a number of military personnel are being held in a camp north of Paros, they are believed to be those who resisted the coup while stationed in the south of the island. All military and surveillance operations are being temporarily halted as a storm approaches the island.
  11. Looks awesome, shame its a 2020 q4 full release.
  12. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  13. After our 4th operation, J2 has updated its intelligence. J2 once again found that the level of uniforms and formations used are consistent with the previous forces encountered, however, there has been an increase in the number of heavy weapons and shoulder-fired munitions used. The enemy, unfortunately, managed to land a number of vessels at Kamino firing range. It is believed that these resources and reinforcements would have been sent to defend Camp Rogain and Airbase Stratis. With the defeat of these reinforcements and the capture of these resources, J2 predicts that the enemy will be firmly in a defensive posture and on the back foot with very limited abilities to make any offensives on any fronts. The state and allegiance and location of the Hellenic forces stationed on the island are still to be determined. In the past 24 hours, the cloud cover has thinned over the island which has enabled limited satellite surveillance. J2 can confirm that large amounts of foot and vehicular traffic has been detected between Airbase Stratis and the nearby town of Agios Efstratios. J2 now believes that these are the only remaining positions that could handle the size and logistical needs of the Hellenic forces based on the island. The Deceased officer found at Air station Mike-26 has been identified as Doku Gelayev despite his dog tags bearing a different name. Doku Gelayev was a Chechen born in 1974. He fought in the first Chechen war before moving to Albania in 1997 when the Chechen Republic adopted Sharia law. In mid-1998 he moved to Kosovo to fight with the KLA as a platoon commander. In 1999 he was recruited by a PMC based out of Africa. He was believed to have been killed in the Sierra Leone Civil War in 2001. From this information, J2 now firmly believes we are fighting PMC forces based out of Africa. Investigations will continue to determine their ultimate employer.
  14. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
  15. Letter sent, please check your private messages for information about your application.
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