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  1. Flynn

    Op Chromite XI

    Operation Chromite XI:
  2. Flynn

    Best Screenshots

    Heres a few of my favourites from the collection
  3. Flynn

    OP Mineral

    Looks like you'll have to finish that rap Dahl..
  4. Flynn

    OP Mineral

    Yeah was an interesting op. The PTSD from getting shot at in what felt like a tin can building. Then trying to kill the terminator with enough munitions to put Russia to shame. Got a few shots including 1/1's new rap cover (Dahl is still making the song so.. WIP) and a wild sighting of booth getting lost ontop of a rooftop like the true rupert he is..
  5. Right, Recently had an idea of having a designated day each week to host an Arma 2 event (Would be hosted on a later weekday so Thursday / Friday) for those of us who miss playing Arma 2. Would most likely run A2, A2 OA, A2 BAF (CO if people have it) with mods such as @UKF_Weps @ACE @ACRE @CBA_A2 etc.. Mission would be a simple patrol on MSO or something similar. Made a poll to gather how many people would be interested in playing. Interested in hearing others thoughts.
  6. Flynn


    Think it's safe to say I lost one of my nine lives last night...
  7. Flynn


    Bite size Dennet great vid, might be able to upload my perspective tonight (Had some interesting moments to say the least)
  8. God! I miss the audio and sounds from arma 2, they were so much more realistic.
  9. Flynn

    Op Chromite IX

    Operation Chromite IX:
  10. Flynn

    Chromite VIII

    Operation Chromite VII:
  11. Screenshots just got shown of the L129A1 coming with the British update: https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=259
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