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  1. First do the clan have a storry? As in when I tryed to start my own ArmA 3 clan up bag in the day, the clan had a storry that the missions was build arund. As we was players from all over the world the unit did not belong to a contry, but was kind of a mercenary unit. The unit was not a elit unit, as alot of them there joind had never ben in the military, and there for wud not have the realistic knowledge of a elit unit. Second thing. links in STOP! READ THIS BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS. Do not work, so if my first question is there, I am sorry, but I cant open the links. Third question. As I am dyslexic, and you guys have a relly large forum hehe, I think it is faster for me to ask for a little help here. I like to know if you have some where, you have the commands you use, and what they mean. As I know there is a military hand book with all the lovly info, but I know as well, units even in real life, kind of make there own, as it works better for them. So if you guys have somthing like that will be great. Little like the pic I upladed. Just so I can get as fast up to spead on how you work.
  2. I am a new youtuber, so my videos is not that good jet. But this is my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYCHFCNt1ej8HqSYu2yIp3g?view_as=subscriber
  3. Well I kind of make youtube for all, and do not aim at kids, so language is not that importent hehe.
  4. Hi all. I like to know, if I join in this ArmA clan, is it ok, I make youtube videos of what I we are doing. Plus link to wepsite, and name the clan name? Greetings Fush
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