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  1. Pte Fairlie

    Op Falcon II

    "I guarantee yo...… macd dies"
  2. Pte Fairlie

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    Sounds like a rare old laugh
  3. Pte Fairlie

    Op Iron Uniform V

    Shock horror fsg not covering arcs ;)
  4. Pte Fairlie


    well that sucks
  5. Pte Fairlie


    is it like ace comabt
  6. Pte Fairlie

    Fallen Servicemen and Women

    Poor lads were killed ru06ab on the 611. Fuckers finally killed the beast
  7. Pte Fairlie

    What music are you listening to right now?

    @A/Sgt Griffin @Pte McPherson @Pte Graham @Pte Oliver
  8. Pte Fairlie

    What music are you listening to right now?

    av got some absolute belters lined up
  9. Pte Fairlie


    Besides the a3 is a complete different rifle. The hand guard and gas parts are different. Better slide for the bolt and bolt carrier. And the pesky selecter switch has been addressed. If you want the old and bold option there’s always the sharpshooter.
  10. Pte Fairlie


    do a couple grand nationaling and tell me the l85 isn't that heavy
  11. Pte Fairlie

    This Awesome guy!

    its all sodhexo now.
  12. Pte Fairlie

    What Football Club Do You Support?