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  1. It's alright, Borto, no need to feel scared when your vehicle gets hit with you in it; me and my squad, here, of ultimate badasses shall protect you.
  2. Worrall

    SF HR Summer 18

    I hope someone still has a picture of Abu Hamsa's son with a bag on his head.
  3. Confirmed: we still don't understand the arguments against snap ambushes.
  4. Worrall


    I suppose you know it's bad when they say 'English Special Forces', and literally have the Union Jack alongside the word 'England'. At least we didn't make our rifles out of plastic, is all I say *cough* America *cough*.
  5. Worrall


    Can someone explain why there's a dislike for the L85? Why would you prefer a carbine rifle over a bullpup one? The L85 has around the same length, weights only .8 of a Kg more and a has higher muzzle velocity and effective firing range. The A2 fixed a lot of the jamming issues and, the grip being closer to the barrel, is arguably easier to control than a carbine. The 416 is expensive to produce, from my understanding, to boot. Am I wrong? The A3 looks ugly, though. A2 was a sexy beast.
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