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  1. Ege

    Best of 16AA / Nostalgia

  2. Ege

    Keeping Up with The Forces News

    Hmm, goddamn F-35. Even the Americans don't have faith in it, and they produce the damn thing.
  3. Ege

    ST Grenade Throwing coming to ACE

    Oh yes please!
  4. Ege

    Aegis X

    Yep, that was intense as hell!
  5. Ege

    Op Aegis VIII

    That firefight reminded me of the stuff these guys went through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iZfvDfhHg4?t=7m14s Really intense!
  6. 1/1 Attendance Confirmed (7): Cpl Ege LCpl Johnsen Pte Aldridge Pte Evans D Pte Frederiksen Pte Millar Pte Noblett Out of total - 7
  7. Ege

    VBS 3

    Meh. It's cool if it works but I am 99% sure it would be buggy as hell. Arma 2 has problems with collision detection (trenches) as it is, now imagine how it would be with 20 procedurally generated pieces of debris.
  8. Ege

    Op CROMWELL IV 112000ZDEC13

    1/1 Attendance Confirmed (5): Cpl Ege Pte Aldridge Pte Evans D Pte Frederiksen Pte Noblett Maybe (1): Pte Millar LOA (1): LCpl Johnsen Out of total - 7
  9. Ege

    BF3 Rage edition.

    I swear to God, I could hear Jako all the way through my headphones and into the kitchen
  10. Ege

    Sgt Cage, Moving on

    Sad to see you go, Cage! Thanks for all your hard work, and best of luck for the future!
  11. Ege

    Apache cockpit interaction

    Looks awesome! Would this be a potential addition to the 16AA modpack or are there technical difficulties in the way?
  12. Ege

    Visiters on our servers

    Awesome! What is the expected resource gain from this? How much room will it give us for expansion (both of the AI and the player base)?