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  1. OPERATION ORDER TO: 1Pl, A COY, 2 PARA BN. FROM: SILBOT, LT, OC 1Pl, A COY, 2 PARA BN. SUBJECT: OPERATION Excalibur IV 232000ZFEB20 ++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS TIME: 0500L 02 September 2020 WEATHER: Mostly Cloudy, foggy, no rain CURRENT POS: Airbase Prague TASK ORG; 0A: Sgt Scarle 0B: Cpl McPherson 1/1 - IC: Cpl Ainsley, 2IC: A/Lcpl Smith 1/2 - IC: Cpl Joyce, 2IC: A/Lcpl Peto 1/3 - IC: LCpl Verreck, 2IC: Pte Higgins 4/1 - IC: Cpl Cullen, 2IC: A/LCpl Rabbit II. SITUATION After the successful repulsion of the enemy counterattack in Vani, friendly forces were able to retake the town of Kutaisi and force the remnants of the rebellion into the northern mountains. Intelligence secured during Excalibur III and subsequent operations has definitively proven direct Russian support for the South Ossetians, although the Russian government officially denies this. Over the past week, Satellite reconnaissance has indicated a large buildup of Russian ground forces north of the Georgian border in North Ossetia. The official Russian government statement is that the forces are, “purely for defensive purposes,” but hostile rhetoric coming from the upper echelons of the government is in direct contradiction to this statement. In response to the volatile rhetoric, NATO decided to pull several assets, including JHC, to safer positions aboard Carrier Strike Group 8 in the event of a Russian assault. At approximately 0400L our worst fears were confirmed, a large Russian armoured column crossed the Russo-Georgian border and linked up with the remnants of the South Ossetian rebellion. At the same time, Russian aircraft penetrated Georgian airspace and have been conducting air superiority and bombing missions on Georgian positions. 2nd and 3rd platoon have pulled back and are being used to facilitate our withdrawal and the evacuation of VIPs in conjunction with US special forces, and 1st Platoon is being tasked with delaying the Russians for as long as possible before retreating. In short: we’ve been given the go-ahead to blow shit up. i. GROUND In General: Georgia is a wet/temperate area, mountainous in the northern and South-Eastern part of the province with dense forests located throughout the area. The coastline has several larger cities, including the provincial capital, Tbilisi. The central part of the province is where most of the agricultural production occurs, with many villages dotting the area surrounded by working fields. The road network is aging, but modern since it was built during the Soviet Union’s control of the province. In Detail: We will deploy to Airbase Prague which is currently on the edge of Georgian controlled territory. From there, we will run counter-insurgency and support operations to assist the Georgians with recapturing lost territory. US Naval aircraft from Carrier Strike Group 8 will fly sorties against identified South Ossetian AA positions. ii. ENEMY FORCES Known & Suspected En. Positions: The Russians are going to be forced to come down Terek Pass in order to strike deeper into Georgian territory as it is the only road into the province from the border. Strength: Assessed as approximately 1 Brigade strength although an unknown number of surviving rebels have also joined the column in support. Morale: High. Weaponry: Modern Russian equipment, including equipment from the RATNIK program: AK-12s, PKPs, Modernized RPKs, etc. Caliber up to 12.5mm. IDF: The Russians may use howitzers and GRAD missiles to provide IDF support. Vehicles: The Russians have a large amount of T-72s, BTRs, BMPs, and other armored and light vehicles. Aircraft: Russian fixed-wing and rotary air units are active in the AO. Mine/IED Threat: Georgian troops have set up mines to the north of Airbase Prague, ENEMY mine threat is LOW. iii. ENEMY INTENT To take control of South Ossetia and declare independence from Georgia. iv. FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy based at Airbase Prague III. PROBABLE MISSION Defend Objective Rapier, the town of Utsera and delay the Russian armoured column until Georgian reinforcements arrive. IV. OWN MAIN EFFORT 1-1 will take up defensive position at Position Aalexi(01431345). 1-2 will take up defensive position at Position Frejya(01681304). 1-3 will take up defensive position in Position Amelia(02131273). 4-1 Mortar team will set up at Position Katie(01911245), and set up 81mm Mortar. These are the initial positions. They are to be equipped with any and all weapon systems available such as .50 cal and GMG. These weapons are to be abandoned as well as the position when it is apparent to the IC holding the position that it will fall. YOU ARE NOT TO FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN. On your exit from your given position you are to signal to 4-1 and have them perform a fire mission on the abandoned position. This will destroy any remaining munitions. When 1-1 cannot hold Position Aalexi they are to fall back to Position Kari(02091205) When 1-2 can no longer hold Position Frejya they are to fall back to Position Eivor(02031129). This will also be the signal for the mortars at Position Katie to fall back to the town of Utsera and set up the battery there. When 1-3 can no longer hold Position Amelia, they are to fall back to the town of Utsera. It will then be their job to set up defensive positions into which 1-1 and 1-2 can fall back into once Kari and Eivor have been overrun. Utsera will be the final stand for the Coy. VI. ORDERS GROUP Time: 2005GMT Location: Main Hangar at Airbase Prague VII. CSS Dress: CEFO, MTP & PPE. Equipment: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Weapons: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Ammo: As per SOP at 2IC discretion. Reserve will be available at PBs. Meds: CTM and CSMR. POWs / Detainees: Called into 0B, then to be passed over to local enforcement/authorities. VIII. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Sgt Scarle (10A), Cpl McPherson (10B), Cpl Cullen (41C). ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Plt Net Channel 1, Coy net Channel 3, Flight net Channel 7. iii. Challenge/Response: Charlie Uniform / November Tango ++++++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++++++
  2. Post any intel you found in mission III here.
  3. Just remembered I have this on my Steam account.
  4. I know I'm not playing on Sunday, but is there a way to make it automatically open? That would be more realistic if it is a static line jump.
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    Yeah only Thursday (tomorrow) will work for me unless you're willing to do late Friday
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    Is there any way a Phase I could be hosted Thursday? I'm going to be away from my computer and everything from August 3-19 and would love to get my Phase I done before then!
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