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  1. 1 hour ago, Plt Off Hendrickx said:

    I will start hiding my bicycles in case the Russians come. We don’t want them to steal them like the Germans did. 


    On 7/17/2019 at 2:30 PM, Pte Oliver said:

    Indeed but extend that to any media outlet will do anything to get traffic and views.

    When seeing some story somewhere that grabs my attention and makes me think about it tend to see what other outlets state, and consider the gen being somewhere around the average of those viewpoints.

    A quick google and I see no other outlets saying the same yet. So again taking the truth being somewhere between this and complete fiction I would say sure maybe they are planning to fight a third world war but only to the same extent as our own militaries plan and carry out exercises against a hypothetical technologically peer nation. Would they seize upon opportunities to occupy areas with regional wars (a la Ukraine) or aid particular nations using their armed forces (a la Syria), well yeh of course they would and have. Again just as our own are doing to an extent (well in the latter case at least). Are they intending on going up against NATO member states and sparking world war three with a top-secret plan while we are faffing about with other crap, nah.

    Well I think the threat is more serious than most people think, because otherwise there wouldn’t be British soldiers in the Baltic states, preparing for what to come. They know more about a Russian threat than we do

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