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  1. Hello, My name is Jack Buxton. Otherwise known as Kieran Grist. I have been a millsim player since 16 and I must have at least 3000 hours in various millsims by now. I love flying, ground, armour everything I have never played a role which bored me to this day. I am a programmer studying to get into the games industry and hopefully pass my final year of uni. My passion is arma 3 and I have put allot of hours and dedication towards this game and I am proud of only have a few units to my name which I feel shows my dedication towards a cause. I have been interested in Mill Sims and life since I learnt I wouldn't be able to be a police officer or army member and someone showed me Arma 2. Really all there is to know about me is I try my best to be kind. I throw my self into any situation and I always introduce my self with this story "So we are operating in Cherno. I am a Combat Medic and we are performing, lets say an off the books mission. We meet up with a local contact who has info on a potetional Russian Coup. His name was Dimitri I think. Poor him though... So anyways talking to this local chap, quite nice he was. And we heard russian vehicles very quickly moving in our locaiton. At this moment my commander new we were fucked. So anyways we go outside and surrender and I have a medical symbol on me to comply the geneva conventions. He spots this amile off and needs me to save a junior officers life. I have to do this as A. Genevea Convention, B I was a doctor. C. Great big t-90 gun in my face. C was the main reason at that time not going to lie. So I heal him and uh the last thing I heard was what I assume was russian for fire. I got my face and body blown of by the t-90 after saving someones life. "
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