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  1. it looks like some communist bullshit
  2. nice video , shared it in another community im in , hope thats ok
  3. if he serves in 4 he probably good chance hell know who i am
  4. it was said light heartedly , id be the same .
  5. the amalgamation happened in 06
  6. no it was not mate , i joined 2009 thats why i said 5 scots
  7. with 5 i was in howe barracks in canterbury then when i transfered to four i was in falli in germany then we moved to catterick . This my walt exam?
  8. in the army? i was 5 scots then 4. it was 5 that was part of 16aa
  9. its like a working post scriptum
  10. i jumped on that free weekend aswell it was alot better than i anticipated
  11. Hello I am Guant, spent 9.5 years in the british millitary in the infantry and most of my life gaming. Play alot of arma and cs but play a widespread selection of games to be honest not to sure what you are looking for in an introduction but ill answer any questions that arent to personal. Was atracted to the unit because i have served in 16AA and it brung back some memories. Hope to be joining you in game soon get a feel for the unit and get to know the players . Many thanks Guant
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