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  1. FROM: Darius The Great TO: 16 Air Assault Brigade, Recruitment and Retention Office SUBJECT: Application to join 16AA PRIORITY: ROUTINE DTG: 11/08/19 - 09:45:48 PM PERSONAL DETAILS: Real name Location Nationality DariusLeoba Romania Romania CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING JOINING REQUIREMENTS: Yes - I own Arma3 Yes - I own a Microphone Yes - I am 16 years of age or older Yes - I can meet the 16AA's requirement about no dual clanning Yes - I agree with the statement: 16 Air Assault Brigade's members should be able to attend a 3-hour operation every Sunday at 8 pm London time, and on those occasions when they are unable to do must inform the group of this. They are also expected to respond to any posts that are intended for them in a timely fashion. GAMING AND EXPERIENCE: GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: I have no real life experience with the military, asides from casual airsoft fights at the local organiser. In game... I have about 2700hours in Arma3, my favourite role being LMG gunner. I când adapt to any situation, follow orders and I have good comms. PREVIOUS GROUPS: I was part of a vanilla Arma3 Unit, and I got to the rank of SSgt. in the Airforce before the unit was disbanded. REASON FOR APPLYING: I am applying to join 16AA because I saw on different sites that it's a, to say the least, realistic unit and that it suits my playstyle perfectly. Besides, I was quite surprised by the website and most people I talked to recommended it to me WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?: Search engine (Google, Bing, etc)
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