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  1. I didn't write girlfriend >:)
  2. Girlfiend sneaking up on you?
  3. Kinda, you were a hell of a fighter during the moments where you were up to speed. A tank killer.
  4. There was something dark and gritty about this operation and it went by in a blur. Best position of the night: This lone and obvious tree made for a great center of arc when scanning: The section strutting their stuff in front of a rock: Dead Spec-Op Takiban with suppressor and NVGs: Scanning the hillside:
  5. Johnsen

    OP Mineral

    Flynn, you captured us so perfectly:
  6. Johnsen

    OP Mineral

    Yeah, when we tested it on my server they all died from one hit. Weird, and we experienced this in Chromite too.
  7. Johnsen

    OP Mineral

    Loved this operation. It was a blast from the past, yet something completely new as well. Very punishing AI, and it sure stressed my computer, but we'll get that sorted. Good thing I brought my cheapo camera.
  8. I am always down to play ArmA in any incarnation. I think there's a bunch of us really wanting to play a few missions of I44.
  9. Johnsen


    There's no feedback thread so I'll just say that I really enjoyed the scenario used in this operation. The progression from beach landing, then carefully taking a bunker at the time, the grit of fighting in the fortified town and then flexing our muscle on the airfield felt really good. There was a little bit of everything, but it fit together and I don't feel like we rushed through it as a platoon either.
  10. Johnsen


    That's some good footage Flynn. I like the editing. Damn, I wish I had recorded some of that.
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