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  1. Kinda, you were a hell of a fighter during the moments where you were up to speed. A tank killer.
  2. I already posted a video from this operation, but it remains one of the most atmospheric moments from my time in the 16AA. The Blastcore explosions could be a bit over the top, but the JDAMS were spot on, as were 1-Flight in this clip.
  3. A lot of the ArmA 2 stuff is amazing, but to be fair, the vanilla ARMA 3 assets and especially the maps are really pretty, we just rarely use them. I think people soured on them because of the transition and the sci-fi stuff. If Bohemia had the money for asset licencing a present day Greece/NATO vs Turkey/Russia campaign could have been great. That Malden map that arrived recently as free DLC is also really great, and has terrain that is scarily reminiscent of Croatia. Unfortunately, because they all have such a distinct identity they're kind of hard to use. An excellent effort was made to adapt Tanoa to a WW2 setting this Christmas, so if you were not there check some of those videos out.
  4. This will be my last post for a while, because I honestly feel like I'm spamming the forums at this point, but I have to post one of the best GREENFOR operations I've seen recorded. Unfortunately, I could not make this particular night, but I know it is a dear memory to many a 1-1 member. Keep in mind, there's a bit of trolling of BLUEFOR HQ in this as people were taking the role-play quite seriously, but it was all meant in good spirit.
  5. Local speech is much shorter range now, could be related.
  6. What, within the sections? 1-1 still generally does that.
  7. FORSETI was an interesting campaign. PARAMO has taken on an almost legendary status after being the first really immersive COIN campaign, and a lot of campaigns have tried to replicate that experience with mixed results. FORSETI took a slightly different approach. Instead of having just a couple of PBs in a very dense environment like in PARAMO, every section got their own PB kind of like what we're doing in CHROMITE. The terrain had a lot of gentle slopes, but generally our PBs were situated in the high ground so we could observe movement in the valley and almost mutually support each other with the GPMGs. I think it remains the only COIN campaign where fighting from within the PBs have been a thing, and in general it featured quite a lot of action against enemies that were suprisingly hard to spot in such a barren environment. IEDs seemed to go off more readily than before and I also remember it as having more observation of civilian traffic than in PARAMO, so I think it definitely deserves credit for having added to the 16AA COIN formula. In the start of this video you can see the aforementioned GPMG action from the viewpoint of the 1-1 PB. You'll also hear us comment on how we'd drawn the short end of the stick activity-wise for the first few operations in this campaign, but keep watching because that is about to change quite radically. Skip to 22 minutes to see us start our move towards a target compound, using some way too long bounds in awful terrain down a slope. Love the aggression once things kick off though.
  8. I mean, it's not all that long since we stopped saying "lima charlie" either.
  9. It varies. Comms have definitely improved unit-wide. I think the hottest 1-1 ever was drill-wise was a few years into the ArmA 3 era when we were pretty much all experienced NCO's and were doing off-night sections training pretty much every week and playing a bunch of liberation, but that does not mean the ArmA 2 days were any less fun really, it was just a slightly different mentality. Also, a bunch of this stuff has gone in cycles, or are totally subjective evaluations to begin with. Like, I think we're more well-organized ORBAT-wise now than we've been in the greater half of a decade, yet others probably miss the likes of D-Squadron. No point in arguing what's better, but if people do see stuff in these videos that they like and want to try to bring back, putting in (the substantial) effort of making campaigns like these could be a starting point. Speaking of Flight. It's interesting to see how way back in the day they were pretty much the entirety of support platoon rolled into one. The following is a rather long clip, but you've got Flight juggling a lot of logistics and medical stuff while flying. Really busy.
  10. I'm pretty sure blue-on-blue counted double... Anyway, if you like that classic moment here it is from Evans's viewpoint:
  11. Damn did the work show though. I mean, when those missions went off without a hitch they could be absolutely magical, and the uncertainty of what could happen really added to it. Also, we were absolutely huge back then. I think I counted 86 people on the server during one of those last A2 missions. That could not have helped matters. Did everyone make it across or did we lose people? I can't remember. Of course, I'm not arguing we should not have moved, that would serve absolutely no purpose. Just adding some more context to Jakobsens post, which I guess is what you're doing too. I too remember those operations when things went awry and there was nothing you could do. Cost of doing business, I guess. Frozen Lake remains interesting to me. It was plagued by technical issues, but in context it was also a pretty darn cool send-off for ArmA 2. Even the very last operation, which is a full on cold-war era soviet invasion and then slowly degenerates into teleporting or frozen tanks feels somehow fitting now. Like, it's literally a moment frozen in time. Does anyone have that clip where 1 platoon is in the hills of afghanistan and the sun is setting, we're out of AT and we're being stalked by two BTRs while trying to get to the extract? I think we even tried laying mines and stuff for it?
  12. Yeah, armor was a pretty big thing in a bunch of campaigns. Big risk, but big reward. Evans and I had an AT4 rivalry/bond. We kept score in a spreadsheet and got quite good with those things.
  13. Yeah, the transition to ArmA 3 was tough for some people, me included. A big factor was that the balance of the game changed completely, with center mass shots doing pretty much fuck all to enemies when we were used to one well-aimed shot taking someone down. The accuracy of the vanilla ArmA 3 AI at the start was also radically different from ACE + ArmA 2, with first-shot accuracy being pretty brutal. Lots of sour grapes about suddenly being shot in the head through bushes from far away. Graphic fidelity was definitely way up, but it was not quite the performance boost we'd been promised, and I wonder if the improvements we did see were not mostly just us having to start again with a vastly reduced mod pack. The love for ArmA 2 is not only rose-tinted glasses, we really did have a mod setup that made ArmA 3 a bit of a hard sell. Frankly, for some of us, for years... That said, there were a bunch of really good moments in ArmA 3 too, and I encourage people to post some. For me personally, that early ArmA 3 period was where I did most of my stint as 1IC of 1-1, and the era of Ege, Telford and MacDonald rival even Jakobsens reign. Too bad I can only find videos of my less awesome decisions, and not that epic assault 1-1 did on the bunker staffed by either Hicks or Emmet
  14. Yet, the randomness of AI led to something very memorable! I think it's interesting to note just how much more busy our comms were back then. I remember we spent a long time just after we switched to ArmA 3 retraining the entire company to ease up on the comms. There's some pretty cute stuff in there, but by god it was hard to keep up with.
  15. As well you should be. I love that "stand to!" and then people rushing to defensive positions and shots ringing out. I'm sure it was done in other theaters, but it's very evocative of Syria now.
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