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  1. until
    Advanced Breaching techniques and Valon Training.
  2. Right lads Mueller has kindly put together a public mod pack with minimal mods on the Malden map, the goal is to get on and have some fun and get some publics running with us. Got some friends interested in Arma, this is perfect night to give them a taste of what we do. It'll be a bit of light milsim, kicking some ass and having a laugh so come along, bring some friends and let's have a blast. Just remember behave yourselves, we're looking to help the recruitment drive not scare off people 🙃
  3. until
    1/2 Skills and Drills CQB/ FIBUA (Delayed to the 14th)
  4. until
    1/2 training night
  5. until
    Doing fast roping training alongside section assault training, the whole platoon is welcome to come get this done
  6. until
    1/2 Section Training
  7. until
    1/2 Section Training.
  8. ITC and MI will be testing some of the new modules for LAMBS for future HR's/ ITC courses/ missions etc. We could use some bods to shoot at some AI so we have something to test them against, all are welcome and your guaranteed to have something to shoot at
  9. until
    Section skills and drills. Will be using a small town or built up area.
  10. until
    Some Navigation and role specific training. Will be at night!
  11. yup, anything you want. just ideally only team leads with a 152 radio
  12. yeah good point haha i'll add it too top too FTP auto config It's same mods though, just reduced pack
  13. we can end up getting tanks and LAV's etc But so does the enemy if threat level get's too high
  14. I've slotted some folk up but again the fireteams are just recommendations and not fixed to that job if folk want to swap around etc
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