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  1. canceled due to lack of numbers, will re-arrange another day
  2. numbers looking too low to proceed, will check back later
  3. Need 6+ (preferably even) participants for this to realistically go ahead, not against changing the night if better numbers would turn up. 2+ teams with a mortar each will be placed a distance apart and will be expected to dial their mortars in on either their enemy's position or a set of unmanned vehicles more akin to battleships, either taking turns or just a mad rush if there's enough people for that madness. Could be light mortars or maybe we could go longer distance and break out something heavier..... May need a hand spawning the stuff in on the server and some experienced bods to give people the rundown on the mortar operation although experienced bods are preferably not involved in the actual firing to give others a chance at it, it you wanna help out drop a message on discord. Most likely on the training server.
  4. until

    are we gonna get on with the FNF modpack sometime before to get familiarized?
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