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  1. Bradley

    OP Mineral

    You're still an evil man for making us suffer! I'm wondering if this RKSL helicopter is causing some of the bug issues with multiple firing etc?
  2. Bradley

    OP Mineral

    We were rubber banding in the skies too. We did enjoy the enemy using the HMGs against us in the Puma alas we weren't built for 12.7mm rounds entering the engine housing. But please no more hueys!
  3. Bradley

    CS: GO

    All about CSS.. but I could reinstall and play a few times.
  4. Probably can't hear you over the noise but just wondered!
  5. Watching that back, how come people don't call numbers boarded anymore?
  6. It was a lot worse.. I wasn't even a pilot then but got to see the LGB smack into the hill! Just you 'noobs' remember how good you've got it!
  7. That was my happiest moment as IC Flight just hearing/seeing the reaction in this video. There’s a video from Aposky when we flew 3 Apaches on Centurion! Wonder if there are any videos from Sterling/Gryphon knocking about? Someone had a good video from Minotaur on Namalsk with lots of Griffin helicopters and fast roping! Also I think our orders were to crush the opposition but as the Nuristani army!
  8. Easier to deal with as it’s smaller holes to dig in the hillside!
  9. Aha, an auto rotation that when awry... I nudged the joystick a tiny bit by accident then tried to correct d’oh!!
  10. Fantastic news to see this finally come about! Congrats to all on their new positions!
  11. Still remember those Typhoon videos Willis!
  12. Flight Attendance Yes - 4 Flt Lt Bradley Plt Off Fletcher Plt Off Fitchett Plt Off Clayton Maybe - 2 Plt Off Teager Plt Off Goosen LOA - 0 Failed to vote - 0
  13. Flight Attendance Yes - 6 Flt Lt Bradley Plt Off Fletcher Plt Off Goosen Plt Off Fitchett Plt Off Teager Plt Off Clayton Maybe - 0 LOA - 0 Failed to vote - 0
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