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  1. Note for instructors: Please make sure that you have a mission made recently that will work, if you want it to contain 16AA units then it'll have to be privately hosted. Liase with Meadows & Sullivan ASAP to confirm all of this. I should be around if there's still a slot or 2 as i need a refresher as the last one i did was 2-3 years ago.
  2. It is done, you're just too busy with your pre-flights to notice maybe? Not had too many ops were we all board up recently so that may be another factor but it's definitely done and passed up with myself or Silbo as last man on and it's shouted out to your crew.
  3. Was that the op were we had BRDMs and vics driving around the chinooks when we were extracting? It was definitely one in Andromeda. In A3, Dark Forest with GTA Velky Folkmar. I wish Morris would be able to get the image back but that was so agonising but fun at the same time.
  4. It is and that's still old-scholl and a part of our history/ legacy. Post up things as recent as possible, if it's a moment you love and you'd like to share then it's good enough for this thread in my opinion!
  5. Not quite any vids but i have some images from my old setup when i was in Flt. https://death2thebest.imgur.com/
  6. I remember the apache flying on Centurion because i flew one of them. The only Flt thing i personally remember in Gryphon was a JDAM being dialled in by TACP on a friendly position and you could hear the guys running for their lives once they knew about it. The pilot just dropped it where he was told and it did produce a nice boom. There's a vid from the HQ perspective of that around too.
  7. Found it! One of my favourite moments of Flt and the medical treatment given on the ground. The Chinny even pulled a pinnacle landing!
  8. Have to agree lads, loving this thread due to sheer memories. Even Howard's dodgy background music selection There's a vid knocking around somewhere that i can't seem to locate of some casualties near the top of a ridge with a dominant rock feature, people working on the casualties and the remainder covering off as we were scrapping for our lives. Then an apache or 2 (not 100%) is just heard in the distance and starts blatting out towards the enemies position with a Chinook in tow meaning we were getting these lads out and the day was saved by the Flt lads. I'm not sure if this was towards the end of Paramo or on one of the Bright Dawn ops but you just knew that you were in the best place to be doing what we do. I know that we had an influx of people join when that vid was released but for the life of me can't find it.
  9. until

    This is now gentlemen!
  10. Pte MacRae enjoying his ride-along.Moments after Pheonix was locked onto by a missile.The mother's meeting commences. For all Screenshots: http://death2thebest.imgur.com/
  11. Oh Evans............you make me miss 1/1, with your disfunctional ways of amusing yourselves
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