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    HR I

    Launchers training for this one please, it's a Javelin!
  2. DS Attendance Yes - 0 No - 0 Maybe - 0 Not voted - 0
  3. JHC Attendance Yes - 0 Flt Lt Bradley Plt Off Clayton Pte Beardmore Plt Off Dennett No - 0 Fg Off Goosen Maybe - 0 Not voted - 0
  4. CSMR Attendance Yes - 3 A/LCpl Grover Pte Tasner Pte Krauser No - 0 Maybe - 0 Not voted - 0
  5. MSP Attendance Yes - 6 Scarle Willis Juul Beardmore Arksey Ben No - 0 Maybe - 1 Liberts Not voted - 3 Cullen Peto Rabbit
  6. 1/3 Attendance Yes - 7 Cpl Griffin LCpl Tebbs Pte Oliver Pte Noergaard Pte Civjanovic Pte McPherson Pte George No - 1 Rec Place Maybe - 1 Pte Fairlie Not voted - 2 Pte Graham Pte Don
  7. 1/2 Attendance Yes - 6 Cpl Sendall A/LCpl Lee Pte MacDougall Pte Fuente Pte Tuggins Rec Worrall No - 1 Rec Jensen Maybe - 1 Pte Colthurst Not voted - 3 Rec Hawkings Rec Howells Rec Jones Last updated: 1450 24/04/2018
  8. 1/1 Attendance Yes - 0 No - 0 Maybe - 0 Not voted - 0
  9. I'd agree with Scarle's post. I completed the questionnaire but only understood the majority due to having to go over the numerous (5 i believe) battles of Ypres in depth whilst in school all those years ago so have retained a brief knowledge on it. Not so much in the form of the U-Boat side of things though.
  10. Let's get these votes in. I can't give individual taskings for elements if i have no idea of numbers and if you're not attending then this allows your muckers to know what they will be doing. Final voting numbers will be taken at 1700Z.
  11. Brought a tear to my eye. Welcome back to the forum!
  12. Was that due to flaps? On another note, i hope someone got some footage or images of the drops.
  13. Very small A3S update coming soon™. This is to allow us to get the correct para script in as the one we had was proving to be a challenge to get signed or the server. ~11MB
  14. Flynn caught my sadistic side of pushing through compounds alone before Friendly elements had moved in.
  15. Modline for tonight; Also be aware that there is a gear test version of the mission without any Enemy on Server #1 until 1 hour before the op. Use that as a chance to get to grips with what you'll be using. 1 rule is please do not leave the spawn area!
  16. Shall we have a look at doing something next week? Gives enough time to D/L any mods or get a launcher working and we can look at server options or try using Hamachi if we get less numbers.
  17. Note for instructors: Please make sure that you have a mission made recently that will work, if you want it to contain 16AA units then it'll have to be privately hosted. Liase with Meadows & Sullivan ASAP to confirm all of this. I should be around if there's still a slot or 2 as i need a refresher as the last one i did was 2-3 years ago.
  18. You can thank me later!
  19. Quick notice: A3Sync has 3 keys missing for the new addons, please re-run this before attempting to hop onto the server as you'll just be kicked off. It's only 2kb.
  20. Modline for tonight; That means no @16AA and @16AA_thirdparty but please add @chromite due to the F-18 being added to that particular folder for this op.
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