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  1. To: All A Coy Personnel, 16AA Bde From: Major Emmet, A Coy OC Subject: Promotions & Assignments Issued: 291700ZJUN16 It is the Major's pleasure to announce promotions of NCOs from 2 Platoon. The company commander has ordered the following with immediate effect: A/Cpl Ainsley has completed his probationary period and promoted to Corporal. With the retirement of Cpl Martin, LCpl Bracken is to be promoted to Corporal. Pte Lee to be promoted to Acting Lance Corporal. On behalf of all of us in the 16AA, congratulations and well deserved. Get the job done!
  2. Welcome To Tanoa.

    A flashpoint style 'Chinese occupation of British Indian Ocean territories' would be fun.
  3. Promotions and Assignments: Various

    Great job chaps.

    A recent update to ARMA has resulted in the bizare effect that, on occasion, a player will aim at a target but the rounds will land left or right. This bug can be remedied by returning to the slot screen then rejoining. A range will be placed near the PB, all NCOs are to ensure that privates use the range and rejoin if they experience any issues before op start.
  5. Help! Airsoft aeg problems.

    Depends on the voltage of the battery. A 7.4V Lipo will work similar to a 9.6V standard type, an 11.1V LiPo will shread an un-upgraded gearbox with all the extra stresses on it.
  6. TVT

    Emmett looking fab for BLUFOR
  7. Hard drive upgrade help?

    PATA and SATA use different plugs but you can pick up a converter for a few quids. PATA is much slower (about 100Mb/s at best) than a SATA HDD (up to 6Gb/s at the moment) and is going to slow down your pc quite a bit. Ideally you'll want to upgrade your motherboard to accept a SATA connection. A half decent mobo will set you back £50 or so.
  8. Op BRAZIER X 182000ZNOV15

    2/2 Attendance Yes - 5 Cpl Grant LCpl Smith Pte van Hilten Pte Wideskog Rec Bozic Maybe - 1 Pte Baxter No/LOA - 0 Yet to vote - 0 Of Section Strength: 5+1
  9. Our beautiful Pte Opstaele in all of his glory.

    Truly a unique specimen.
  10. 2/3 Attendance Yes (5) Cpl Burns Pte Martin Pte Straete Pte Mokler Pte Wilton No (3) A/LCpl Meen Pte Lee Pte Bracken Maybe (1) Rec Woods Unconfirmed (0) Of Section Strength: 9
  11. 2/1 Section Attendance Yes - 7 Cpl Blanthorn LCpl Turnbull Pte Skauge Pte Reilly Pte Hendrickx Pte Griffin Rec v. Vlerken Maybe - 0 LOA - 1 Pte Leadbitter Failed to vote - 1 Pte James