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  1. Howard

    Cobalt I

    This is why I love the jungle, it really pushes the Company to its limits. Fantastic to see!
  2. Howard

    WARNO Operation Vampire I 231900ZMAY18

    DS attendance. YES - 1 Flip LOA - 4 Howard Meadows Scott Blower
  3. Howard

    Operation Chromite XV

    Looks like a screwed your day right up!!
  4. Howard

    OPORD Operation CHROMITE XV 291900ZAPR18

    DISTAFF Attendance Yes - 3 Howard Meadows Scott No - Maybe - Not Voted - 2 Bowler Message Sent Flip Message Sent
  5. Howard

    Operation Chromite XIII

    I thought that bloody rock was between us! Cracking shot MD you saved beardmore a life because I was about the press the trigger with the cross hairs on him.
  6. Howard

    Operation Reckless

    Shocking behaviour from you both, don't make me go all Zeus on you.
  7. Howard

    Op Chromite XI

    If it’s any consolation I thought it was gonna come down on my head. I’m waiting for Millars video to see how spectacular it is.
  8. Howard

    Op Chromite XI

    Your reaction to being shot down was amazing! OH SHIT.
  9. Howard

    OP Valiant Jaguar

    We need a COBALT Mk2. I love the jungle. Even more so at night.
  10. Howard

    OP Valiant Jaguar

    Yeah that was a really Big Bang.
  11. Howard

    Operation RESOLUTE

    I’m so glad someone caught my handy flying on film
  12. Howard

    Best of 16AA / Nostalgia

  13. Howard

    AARs and J2

    I’m not giving you anything. I’m the enemy.
  14. Howard

    AARs and J2

    Something we have done in the past is have a different bod do the AAR each Op. Keeps it fresh and exciting for the lads.
  15. Howard

    Best of 16AA / Nostalgia

    I think we got lazy.