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    Cracking video, made me miss being on the ground with you guys!!
  2. Pte Lath & Pte Mcpherson Gunfight (Callisto VII)

    Want a medal?
  3. Op Callisto II

    The first 3 were normal SU25's.
  4. 6 Days

    Watched it last night on the "internet somewhere" VERY VERY good movie!
  5. Op Callisto Prelude

    Great video but you missed out the bit where my grenade killed you!
  6. Bayonets!

    Note to those watching Cullens video after myself.... Turn the volume down!
  7. 16CSMR Blast from the past...

    We took it like champs though
  8. What music are you listening to right now?

    Hippie mode activated...
  9. 16CSMR Blast from the past...

    Excuse the music at the start. it goes quite quickly... anyways 6000 views
  10. OPORD [SIDE MISSION] Operation Apollo II 191900ZJUN17

    This is now if anyone would like to join!
  11. SCBC May/June 17 Roundup

    I remember Ellis setting me homework. Don't fancy doing that again.
  12. Bombing In Manchester, UK 23/05/17

    You actually went to get tickets? Didn't think ariana grande was your thing... I got woken up by about 1000 messages asking if I was working.
  13. Bombing In Manchester, UK 23/05/17

    I've got colleagues who do the medical cover at the event. They're alive but pretty shaken. Waiting to hear all my friends are all right
  14. Get the job done

    Lets just close this before it gets messy please?
  15. Operation Cobalt IX

    No idea I succumbed to instant death with the first second!