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  1. The problem with A2 was that we were pushing it as hard as we were, a single mission took a good 7-9 hours of editor work, followed by the work during the OP to just keep it running smooth. It took a lot of effort to keep things as stable as they were, and it simply wasn't realistic to keep doing things the way we did. So our options was either to scale back and not rely on RLC/REME as much as we did, or move to A3 which honestly, was performing better in the areas concerning RLC and REME. The last mission of Frozen Lake was a good example of what happens when we weren't on the ball, it just crashed 2/3s of the way through the OP, and that was honestly because we went fuck you to A2.. The work just wasn't put into that one to keep it as per normal.
  2. Frozen Lake VI is a bit special to me. We wanted a very particular atmosphere and build up during that particular OP, it required that very-little happened in the opening hour of the OP, Giving the company room to establish it self at the outskirts of Berezino. The idea was to have the sections explore various war-crimes at the outskirts of the town hopefully getting a mixture of unease yet light boredom into people. Not enough that you would out-right start browsing reddit, but enough that you would give into the temptation of looking around inside buildings rather than covering arches etc. - At which point a major ambush primary from nearby roofs would spring on the Company, followed by an attack from the main part of Berezino. Yet, anyone who attended the OP would likely remember that wasn't exactly what happened, the hour of 'silence' was followed by, well nothing. - the AI script (UPSMON) never initialized due to a fuckup in the mission init file. A restart at that stage wasn't possible, it would require rework of the mission file, changing it from its original intend to something more hectic from the get-go. Something that would require more than 3-5 minutes of work. It was therefore up to three of us (OPFOR/GREENFOR/CIV players) to take on the role of what was just around a Company size worth of AI. - Our job originally had simply been to use hidden teleports to act as civilians in-case the company got static, role playing informants that would lead the company back on track. I don't think a lot of people realize that there were in fact never more than 3 active OPFOR shooters at any point during that OP.
  3. Fuck, I miss Apos and 1/3 now.
  4. Some times you just gotta go full-retard. I don't even recall what justified that amount of ordinance, but I'm certain there was at least one bad guy down there.
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    Happy Holidays! See you in 2018!
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  9. until
    A Coy ORBAT • Coy HQ - up to 5 pax (Coy Cdr, Coy2IC, First Sgt, Radio Op, Runner) 1 Platoon • Plt HQ - up to 3 pax (Cdr, Sgt, Radio Op) • 3x Rifle Squads - each up to 9 pax (Sgt, Cpl, BAR, BAR Asst, 2xScout, 2xRifleman, Rifle Grenadier) 2 Platoon • Plt HQ - up to 3 pax (Cdr, Sgt, Radio Op) • 2x Rifle Squads - each up to 9 pax (Sgt, Cpl, BAR, BAR Asst, 2xScout, 2xRifleman, Rifle Grenadier) Machine Gun Platoon • 2-3x Machine Gun Sections - each of 3 pax (Gunner, Asst Gunner, Ammo Bearer) Mortar Platoon • 1-2x Mortar Sections - each of 3 pax (Gunner, Asst Gunner, Ammo Bearer) Medical Support • 3+ Corpsmen, att Coy HQ Training Schedule Wednesday 13 December 2000-2100Z - Session 3 All Infantry Elements - Coy Manoeuvre Exercise - Live Fire Area B Flight Elements - CAS practice on costal strip targets - Live Fire Area A 2100-2230Z - Session 4 All Elements: Amphibious Assault Landing - Live Fire Exercise - Live Fire Area A 2230 - In field debrief and mission outline for Op WATCHTOWER.
  10. You talking about embedding streams onto the website in some form? (Like Twitch) Or you talking about editing a video together that includes multiple viewpoints?
  11. until
    A Coy will continue North through the western airfield and attempt to push onto OBJ WHISKY recently raided by USSF.
  12. Yeah, we played twice. One draw and one loss. It was a ton of fun and a real challenge. The guys hosting it was good sports as well, something that just made it even more enjoyable.
  13. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/226696864081607127/B1D38F0618B538271EC998CDFAF0F903FBFDCB5B/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:1152&composite-to%3D%2A%2C%2A%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black'>
  14. The devastating result of our ambush.
  15. You probably want to rework the watermark
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