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  1. I want to play... Me wants nice big booms....
  2. Pte Hogg


    Got 3 from myself and another from Mr McPherson A10 Flyby Watching the convoy... Bit of multitasking going on here, Apache in the background with UAV on the right while chatting with the good Captain Field. And then one McPherson took of me looking totally high as F***
  3. 4/2 Attendance Yes - 6 Mokler Hogg Pathy Richardson Jonsson Petterson Maybe - 0 LOA - 0 Not yet voted - 0 Of Section Strength: 6
  4. 7RHA - 4/2 Attendance Yes - 6 Gunline: A/Bdr Mokler Gnr Hogg Gnr Pathy FST: Gnr Jonsson Gnr Hope Gnr Crawf Maybe - 0 No/LOA - 1 Gnr Richardson Of Section Strength: 7
  5. Have a few from up high in the sky Static Gun Emplacements And a few moments later after being cleared to engage... Direct hit from friendly Arty onto enemy Mortar team Then a few random pics of friendlies...
  6. 7RHA Attendance: Yes (4) Gnr Hogg Gnr Ross Pte McPherson (CSM's Group) Gnr Delenda No (0) Maybe (2) Bdr Fuller Gnr Red Unconfirmed (0)
  7. We've been Arma'd and we're not even playing the damn thing.
  8. Haha, I honestly keep wondering to myself how I survived from all those rounds hitting around me, I thought I was going down instantly but nupe, Teager took the bullets for me haha
  9. Alrighty then, been a while since I've put up a vid, hope to get back into the swing of things, 7RHA or not got some pretty damn good footage. Like this OP for example, mixed experience. Convoy, enemy technicals flanking part of convoy, technicals blowing up and to top it off, a nice barrage from a 105. Part 1, had to split it due to damn net failure. The Jackal entertainment starts properly at 1:06:26 Part 2 The Ride Back Part 3 The Barrage!!! And my OCD -.- An overall damn good night, complete mix experience.
  10. Pte Hogg


    Awesome screens, awesome vids! Nice to see so many vids being uploaded!
  11. If you want a decent enough ship sim / strategy you should try Battlestations: Pacific
  12. Was a good stream, nice job Knudsen!
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