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  1. I'm down to clown. Give us a shout
  2. Well done ladies. Now the fun begins!
  3. For those interested, here's an insight from an ex-FSG member. I spent most of my time before becoming 1/2 IC as a member of FSG back when it was larger and had the most senior members in the team. These guys were, and still are, a great set of dedicated folks who really take pride in the jobs they perform for the rest of us. FSG is somewhat a selfless assignment, as you are mostly tasked with watching over the rest of the unit while they kick in doors and deal with a lot of contacts. You will have moments where you will see the enemy well before the other sections, but you can't engage for fear of giving yourself and the company away or because the enemy are just too far away. That said, you will have amazing moments too which could land you in the unit's history books. I've performed assaults that pushed enemies back into friendly artillery with these guys with nothing but my pistol, and everyone else just letting loose with whatever they had. I've been a part of distraction flanks where we used Jackal vehicles to surprise and suppress the enemy so that the infantry could get out of the open during an assault. When you join FSG, you're joining a team of tight-knit gents who look out for each-other at all times and you're never alone when you're a part of FSG. Just know that although you have the big toys and the big guns, that you will not always be shooting them and being the hero. And that you'll probably be the ammo bitch and the driver for the first few months until you get given your team nickname -Cpl "Pikey" Joyce
  4. Hahaha fair enough glad you managed to sort it!
  5. Do you have some sort of a glitch where it doesn't show your main sight on your rifle?
  6. Cpl Joyce

    1/2 Section Training

    1/2 To conduct training session for roughly 2 hours. Parallel to 1/3's training if they're also at Camp Freddy.
  7. Ah yes, the Op where I managed to take out an enemy section between the mortars firing, and the rounds landing. Happy times. Angry Hog.
  8. http://altrincham.today/2017/11/10/news/day-1919-altrincham-turned-remember-bravest-little-street-england/?fbclid=IwAR1DstSplZiXCD7_fp2BmhKc4pSSJLP1FtTWlCGpcyUPUv_KtqrQQbMHYTY Not quite a specific person, but an entire street of my little town decided to give it to the Germans during WW1. Some made it, some didn't, but it's one hell of a thing to know about my local area.
  9. Cpl Joyce


    Not until the truth comes out and all of 4/1 get their mention
  10. Cpl Joyce


    That's better than a mention in dispatches any day ❤️
  11. Cpl Joyce


    Talk about close shaves...
  12. How was the crash Peto? 😏
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