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  1. Ah yes, the Op where I managed to take out an enemy section between the mortars firing, and the rounds landing. Happy times. Angry Hog.
  2. http://altrincham.today/2017/11/10/news/day-1919-altrincham-turned-remember-bravest-little-street-england/?fbclid=IwAR1DstSplZiXCD7_fp2BmhKc4pSSJLP1FtTWlCGpcyUPUv_KtqrQQbMHYTY Not quite a specific person, but an entire street of my little town decided to give it to the Germans during WW1. Some made it, some didn't, but it's one hell of a thing to know about my local area.
  3. Cpl Joyce


    Not until the truth comes out and all of 4/1 get their mention
  4. Cpl Joyce


    That's better than a mention in dispatches any day ❤️
  5. Cpl Joyce


    Talk about close shaves...
  6. How was the crash Peto? 😏
  7. Manchestaaaaaaaaaar United. But that's mainly because I do security for them. Brought up to love them by my dad and rest of the family. Don't watch them religiously, but I like to keep up with scores and some topics relating to them
  8. To be fair, Cullen was taking advantage of his rank ;)
  9. Just letting people in the unit know there was a bombing in the centre of manchester at roughly 1030. so far 19 dead (10 of which are under 18), 50+ wounded. There was a controlled det on a suspect device. 2 arrests made within 1 hour, in relation to the attack. I'm okay, so far my friends are all okay, and I'm SO GLAD THAT I TURNED DOWN THE SHIFT THERE 5 DAYS AGO WTF... (For those who don't know, I work in event security, so I would've possibly been caught up in this shit storm)
  10. Took you long enough Morris!! Congrats to both of you gents, I'm sure you'll both do great in these roles!
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