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  1. Cpl Joyce

    1-2 OP

    I told you damn it!
  2. When the CSM hears you lost your rifle in field...
  3. until
    ITC will be holding the section Marksman course for the Sharpshooter rifle. This is designed to enable the best shooters of the unit be section marksman with the skills required for the role. Only members who have achieved Marksman (95/100 or higher) on the Plt Weapons Course may apply. 10 Spaces (2 instructors + 8 Students) Maximum To reduce time in-game, members are encouraged to read this informative document that covers the first chapter of the skill at arms training you will undergo. It will cover all basics that will be required of you, in order to perform well with all weapons systems. This chapter will not be covered in the in-game lesson and therefore must be read before the course date. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dkj0h9nawhqlh0k/Skill at Arms and Theory of Small Arms Ammunition.rar?dl=0ALL STUDENTS MUST BE ON THE SERVER AND IN TEAM SPEAK AT 19:45z+1 READY FOR A 20:00z+1 START
  4. Nah it's just section only. I don't want to train certain methods if you do things differently. Plus I'm not letting you get a free ride Gotta work on your own guys
  5. @Cpl Predo didn't know I gained a new recruit 😂 ( @Rec Gardner it's 1/2 only, Bud 😉 but nice to see the enthusiasm for extra training!)
  6. Hahaha fair enough glad you managed to sort it!
  7. Do you have some sort of a glitch where it doesn't show your main sight on your rifle?
  8. Cpl Joyce

    1/2 Section Training

    1/2 To conduct training session for roughly 2 hours. Parallel to 1/3's training if they're also at Camp Freddy.
  9. Ah yes, the Op where I managed to take out an enemy section between the mortars firing, and the rounds landing. Happy times. Angry Hog.
  10. Cpl Joyce


    Not until the truth comes out and all of 4/1 get their mention
  11. Cpl Joyce


    That's better than a mention in dispatches any day ❤️
  12. Cpl Joyce


    Talk about close shaves...
  13. How was the crash Peto? 😏
  14. To be fair, Cullen was taking advantage of his rank ;)
  15. you just had to put that last part in..
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