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    Sometimes I do things, sometimes I don't do things. I mostly breathe and sleep. Occasionally I eat too, just to be on the safe side, y'know?

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  1. Erm, yeah. I did. Just had a little moment there when confronted by such a beautiful sight. You know how it is...
  2. Ha Ha! Remember we used to allow 3rd person? Remember how much hassle it caused (both times) when I suggested we should burn it with fire? Christ. Should never have ditched the MTP though.
  3. BTW just me or did A2 look much better than A3? (ignore Apos' images, he always made it look way better!)
  4. Christ, was Werewolf really 2011???? Lots of good memories in this thread.
  5. I did try some Single player on Saturday. Frankly I'm going to be a liability, but it should still be fun. It seems to be a little bit more involved than fannying around with a mouse and keyboard.
  6. Shit, I totally missed this. I can't promise, but i should be able to make it.
  7. Wilson

    Chromite II

    Weighing in at 7 tonnes and only 210hp, it will do 0-60 sometime today, but not in 5 seconds it won't.
  8. Oh yeah, and I've got a Rift and some games. -PCars -Pcars2 -Payday2 -Pulsar -tabletop sim I'm sure I'll buy more once I've had it for more than 24 hours.
  9. Payday 2? In VR? I forgot about that. Is it any good?
  10. Don't you have to be somewhere for dinner?
  11. C'mon you lot, you're really letting the quality slide these days.
  12. Originally was looking for Temptation, but fuck it, there's not a bad track on this.
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