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  1. Jakobsen

    Best of 16AA / Nostalgia

    You talking about Craig, IC Flight?
  2. Jakobsen

    What music are you listening to right now?

    I don't mean to fetishize people's struggles in war, but flipping this well established aesthetic genre from west to east like this really impressed me: (esp aimed at you @Pte Johnsen, and other NRW-type fans)
  3. You young whipper snappers best watch yourselves! That's how we did it while you were learning how to drink! And you, a student of Ellis no less! His presence heralded by a how copy.
  4. Jakobsen

    Vampire IV

    Enjoying the wildlife of Malden. No one else came down that road. Gfdi...
  5. Jakobsen

    Someone take Tasner's Driving license away

    As soon as you hit "Q", hit Delete to put on the speed limiter. It only works in forward gears, so in reverse you're back to insta-20kmh bullshit.
  6. Jesus Borto. To think you are 1-1.
  7. Jakobsen

    Someone take Tasner's Driving license away

    I think it might be time for a 'crawl' gear script...
  8. Jakobsen

    HR IV

    That's surely HR V, @Pte MacDougall
  9. Jakobsen

    HR IV

    Just training, they said.
  10. Jakobsen

    HR III

    Hahahah Now let the requests come in for better bus armament.
  11. Jakobsen


    At least you didn't make your rifles*
  12. Jakobsen

    Operation Chromite XII

    Oh fog off
  13. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    Straight outta Catterick
  14. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    We didn't want to use RKSL because we wanted minimum potential for bugs to appear during the testing. Throwing in RKSL with custom scripting and MGs introduced more uncertainty that we'd ideally like; denying you AFM wasn't a decision taken for the hell of it
  15. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    Can anyone shed some light on a blue on blue situation in the first half of the op? Fire, probably GPMG, was coming from the hill and went into 1/1's location in a blue warehouse by the end of the docks. I mean you'd think the red berets would be a clue. And the yellow smoke after we lost 2-3 people would have been even more of a clue. I'll give it to the gunner for persistence...