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  1. You talking about Craig, IC Flight?
  2. Baker, Moffat, Harlow /o\ oh the memories. I remember Werewolf as one of the most brutal ever. The trees had guns indeed.
  3. Just a few more and she'll be clearing IEDs ingame with her da!
  4. No I can't take any credit for that. I believe that was one of Cage's missions. My dissatisfaction I remember lead to my least worthwhile post ever on the NCO forum, which I am fairly ashamed about. @Dahl: Comms have gotten a lot better! Not least because I'm no longer on them!
  5. Yes, see video #4, gets hairier by the minute. Fortunately they were mtlbs.
  6. Are you talking about Andromeda VI? That was an intense and fun op, and one of the first times we were suppressed by tanks and IFVs at long range. We were tasked to take a settlement with bridge where enemy army had stored considerable supplies. Makinen's videos: #1/4: Beginning is boring, skip to 15-20 minutes in. At the end I am my usual patient self. Johnsen and I share some tactical considerations. Video has an impeccable fade to death on tragedy, best ending ever. #2/4: Push east across the riverbed and hold it. As the sections moved up into the buildings on the slope, pockets of resistance hurt our movement. (so much of these videos is casualty clearance, jesus christ). The video ends to the sound of recce by UGL. #3/4: Darkness descends, and you'd think the poorly equipped army we were fighting would be deterred by that. But no. After the infantry in the town was cleared, enemy armoured elements had parked themselves a good mile down the river valley and began lobbing MG and cannon fire into the settlement. I was well proud of that script. After the tanks had softened the defenses, enemy mech inf tried to close the distance under cover of darkness. A coy blows the enemy supplies before trying to depart. Operative word being trying. #4/4: the crescendo I hadn't quite planned when I made the mission. Pte Oliver, optimistic at one point during the firefight after no more AT can be found, remarks "16aa is gona die".
  7. There was that sweet/sour period right after the transition, where A3 was not fleshed out with the proper creature comforts and network support. The swaggy walk was one thing, but even tactical guns-raised movement felt almost like a cheap playthrough of Slenderman (see for instance https://youtu.be/eWCvMogI7yc?t=7m52s - it's awful). Worst of all was the desync. I don't know when that stuff cleared, but I remember my 'departing' campaign before master thesis being Op Condor. That was the most miserable experience I have had as a campaign maker. And as an IC, since my net connection was awful too. It was probably awful for everyone else too. Crushed my spirits and I was just happy I had a solid RL excuses to be doing other stuff. So everyone can link what they want, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are very few vids from that year we switched to A3.
  8. Jesus I'd forgotten how severe the mod screams were! But that was a brilliant video. One of the busiest CCPs ever. @51 minutes, another case of long range radio across 20 meters. There was a Europa mission, I think maybe the first one, where we took contact during approach to airfield to our NE. I only remember the feeling of complete lack of control, as everyone got shot over and over again. Not a good feeling as a campaign maker when the first mission on a new operation ends up too difficult!
  9. But no grass! I say. Great seeing mert storming into action and immediately treating patients while firefight is going on - including a young Pte Silbot. That whole casevac chain is fantastic when addon assets, script functionality, and people training converge.
  10. Both those were brilliant, Scarle! I don't think I ever heard about the buried-bomb technique, so that's a nice trick to put in the bag.
  11. Isn't that just the 16AA. You could've taken that screenshot two years ago.
  12. Jakobsen


    Squad, not squadron, mind. Good shots!
  13. Jakobsen


    Good shots, Birkett. The second to last one would've been good if it hadn't been for the obvious sprites on the bushes, otherwise A+.
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