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  1. You talking about Craig, IC Flight?
  2. Jakobsen

    Vampire IV

    Enjoying the wildlife of Malden. No one else came down that road. Gfdi...
  3. Jakobsen

    HR IV

    That's surely HR V, @Pte MacDougall
  4. Jakobsen

    HR IV

    Just training, they said.
  5. Jakobsen

    HR III

    Hahahah Now let the requests come in for better bus armament.
  6. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    Straight outta Catterick
  7. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    We didn't want to use RKSL because we wanted minimum potential for bugs to appear during the testing. Throwing in RKSL with custom scripting and MGs introduced more uncertainty that we'd ideally like; denying you AFM wasn't a decision taken for the hell of it
  8. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    Can anyone shed some light on a blue on blue situation in the first half of the op? Fire, probably GPMG, was coming from the hill and went into 1/1's location in a blue warehouse by the end of the docks. I mean you'd think the red berets would be a clue. And the yellow smoke after we lost 2-3 people would have been even more of a clue. I'll give it to the gunner for persistence...
  9. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    The crew of The Viking captured on film before that fateful clash in the spring of 1978. Pte Sullivan mans the .50. Pte Coupe is in the driver position, with Pte Ferguson behind him scouting for threats or interesting birdlife. Pte Johnsen somewhere behind. History in the making.
  10. Jakobsen

    OP Mineral

    Fuck this shit really makes me annoyed. You'd think there could be a simple synchronising set of handshakes to at least retroactively undo damage. The enemy yesterday had zero armour just like we did, so what you're witnessing there is 100% networking. Or notworking (ha). GJ on the tank tho! You don't know what it was like to be in that town for 2 hours having 60mm and CGs and ZU rounds fly overhead constantly. Fuck that was bad!
  11. Excellent! And crisp comms too. People (myself included) often forget to say "my callsign" instead of "section" or similar. I remember being taught that as part of comsec.
  12. Jakobsen


    @Pte Johnsen I can't believe you told me to stop drinking
  13. Jakobsen


    Yeah I personally favour zero music to those kinds of vids.
  14. Jakobsen


    Not one, not two, not... but eight bullet holes.
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