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  1. Downward


    i wonted to see me get destroyed by what looked like a helfire missile xD
  2. Downward


    i would love to see the perspective of the Apache
  3. Downward

    Phase 1 16JAN18

    Unable to attend due to work
  4. Downward

    Op Watchtower II

    How do you do these mate ??. also here is the stream from 3 Squad (youtube) And my demise to a sniper https://clips.twitch.tv/EntertainingMoralWormWoofer
  5. No (however that would be nice) I'm on about something like this. If you notice at the bottom right of the player you can change camera perspective, It is done very easily.
  6. I can show you the outcome and also help with anything if you would like to be involved in it.
  7. why don't we link the streams with multiple camera angles during ops ??, seems very simple to do.
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