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  1. OP WATCHTOWER - FINAL READINESS EXERCISE Gentlemen, our final readiness exercise will include full Familiarisation with crew served weapon systems and a full Live Fire rehersal Assault landing with NGS and Air Support. _________________________ At the time of writing only 25 members have bothered to vote. This is unacceptable. It means that we cannot properly plan the training session or issue a meaningful ORBAT. I recognise that the voting system has changed and we now require you to navigate to the Operations Calendar of your own accord, but it really should not be this difficult. Continued failure to vote on the operations calendar will be taken as an assumption that you no longer wish to be a contributing member of this unit. Please vote up. Now. It takes less than thirty seconds and it saves time for everyone on mission start. It’s also basic politeness and respect. Get the Job Done.

    CASEVAC and RESUPPLY RESPAWN will shift from Op to Op. typically respawn will be located a moderate distance from A Coy’s Area of Operations and ‘reinforcements’ will be conducted to the front line by the Coy First Sgt either on foot or in MT to CCP and from there to front line. Self-reinserting is not allowed. CCP, Field Surgery and resupply point for WATCHTOWER 1 will be set up on the beach by follow on elements. For later Ops Field Surgery will typically be located at USMC HQ on the airfield (if secure) or at another location to be advised. CCP and resupply points will be advised via S3. Transfer of ammunition from resupply points to front line troops will be the responsibility of Pltn Sgts and may require working parties. For defensive actions Squad resupply points should be positioned well forward and used to dump ammunition.

    Op WATCHTOWER Task Org Gentlemen, Given current manning levels I want us to do a quick piece of organisation around Op WATCHTOWER to ensure that we get the most out of it and we don’t have people languishing in under used roles. This is not/not a permanent re-org - it’s an effort to make sure that everybody knows their job before we show up on the night. Hopefully it’s also an opportunity to learn new skills and maybe get to know some different parts of the Unit. We’ll operate as a reinforced Platoon (or reduced Company, take your pick). As I described on Sunday my ideal is a minimum of two gun groups and a mortar group. To work properly each of those needs three men. These groups come under direct command from Pltn HQ - they are not attached to particular Squads but form separate manoeuvre elements. Signals will be essentially defunct. We should retain a Platoon Signaller to communicate with Bn HQ (ie DISTAFF) but inter-Platoon comms will be via voice or runners unless the scenario demands otherwise. Task Org In order of priority to fill HQ (4 pax = Cdr, 2IC, Pltn Sgt, Runner) Corpsmen (2 pax) First Squad (9 pax) Second Squad (9 pax) Third Squad (9 pax) Machine Gun Team Number 1 (3 pax) Machine Gun Team Number 2 (3 pax) Mortar Team (3 pax) Machine Gun Team Number 3 (3 pax) Fourth Squad - Pltn Reserve (9 pax) + Some Flight in ground attack mode for Op 1 only. That means to fully staff the Infantry (3 Squads, 1 Reserve Squad, 3 Machine Guns, 1 Mortar) we will need 54 pax. If we run without a Reserve Squad then we will need 45, or only 42 with two MG Teams. Given the current state of our ORBAT the second number should be easily achievable, and the first is certainly possible. But - this means that we do need to bear down on supernumaries and make sure that everyone knows in advance where to slot in. This will be particularly essential when it comes to Combat Op 1, where we will start already loaded into LCVPs and headed for the beach. Load Plan Standard Load Plan will be three LCVPs, four if we have a Reserve element: LCVP 1: First Squad; MG No 1; LCVP 2: Second Squad; MG No 3; HQ; Corpsmen; LCVP 3: Third Squad; MG No 2; LCVP 4: Fourth Squad; Mortar; OOM for LCVPs will be 1,2,3 in line abreast from left to right, 4 following and slightly to the rear right of 1. OOM Standard OOM for movement in column will be: 1st Sq, Gun 1; 2nd Sq; HQ; Corpsmen; Gun 3; Mortar; 3rd Sq; Gun 2; Fourth Sq. In line we will form, from left to right: 1st Sq, Gun 1; 2nd Sq; Gun 2; 3rd Sq. HQ; Gun 3 and Mortar will be at the Centre to the rear of 2nd Sq and 4th Sq will be echelon left or right of the HQ group, within hailing distance. We will need to be able to deploy rapidly from column to line. That will need drilling on Sunday. We may also use the same OOM to advance in parallel Squad columns, in which case Gun 1 will follow 1st Sq, Gun 2 will follow 3rd Sq and HQ, mortar and Gun 3 will follow 2nd Sq. 4th Sq will follow HQ. For ARD we will use SOP with addition of a Gun at every corner and a mortar plus Reserve Squad in the Centre. Gun No 3 will be sited between first and third Squad. Offensive Action Typical offensive action in close terrain will be advance to contact 3-up and then site guns to suppress and manoeuvre remaining forces to assault and destroy. We must watch flanks during these manoeuvres and re-Org rapidly once complete. Reserve Squad will stand by to Flank, Assault or to relieve Squads suffering casualties. Mortar will be bought into action as rapidly as possible. In open terrain wider movements will become possible, but cohesion and overlapping arcs of fire remain key. Defensive Action The 3-up formation is capable of meeting and receiving an enemy attack. Troops should ideally be dug in and Guns well protected with sandbags and overlapping arcs of fire set. Defensive mortar fires, including illumination, should be pre registered. If time and terrain allows then patrols should put LPs forward and trip flares should be deployed. ACTION: Millar, Boothroyd, Dennett - Assignments ACTION: Meadows - slot screen and Load Plan.
  4. Op WATCHTOWER - Training

    A Coy steps back in time to 1942. With the Japanese Empire at its peak following a series of victories Allied forces are about to embark on the first major offensive of the war in the Pacific. Operation WATCHTOWER is the code name for the Allied invasion of the Solomon Islands, being undertaken to prevent Japanese forces from establishing an airfield there from which to threaten Allied shipping. The invasion will include troops from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, but it is the United States Marine Corps which will spearhead the attack and bear the brunt of the combat which lies ahead against a determined and resourceful enemy. The Imperial Japanese Army is riding the crest of a wave of victories stretching from China to the South Pacific. Operation WATCHTOWER aims to bring that period to an end, to prove that Japanese forces can not just be halted, but can be pushed back and defeated. A Coy will take its place in the first assault wave and is tasked with a direct attack to seize and secure an airfield on one of the target islands. Further details of this tasking will be revealed to Officers and NCOs who have a need to know. Final Readiness Training will encompass weapon handling, fire and manoeuvre, support fires and amphibious assault operations. A Coy ORBAT • Coy HQ - up to 5 pax (Coy Cdr, Coy2IC, First Sgt, Radio Op, Runner) 1 Platoon • Plt HQ - up to 3 pax (Cdr, Sgt, Radio Op) • 3x Rifle Squads - each up to 9 pax (Sgt, Cpl, BAR, BAR Asst, 2xScout, 2xRifleman, Rifle Grenadier) 2 Platoon • Plt HQ - up to 3 pax (Cdr, Sgt, Radio Op) • 2x Rifle Squads - each up to 9 pax (Sgt, Cpl, BAR, BAR Asst, 2xScout, 2xRifleman, Rifle Grenadier) Machine Gun Platoon • 2-3x Machine Gun Sections - each of 3 pax (Gunner, Asst Gunner, Ammo Bearer) Mortar Platoon • 1-2x Mortar Sections - each of 3 pax (Gunner, Asst Gunner, Ammo Bearer) Medical Support • 3+ Corpsmen, att Coy HQ Training Schedule Op WATCHTOWER - Draft Training Schedule Sunday 10 December 2000-2010Z - Company Address - welcome and familiarisation - ground rules - historical context; 2010-2100Z - Session 1 A/1 - Amphibious Assault Drills - Live Fire Area A A/2 - Weapon Familiarisation - Small Arms Range & Live Fire Area B MSP - Weapon Familiarisation - Mortar Range Flight - Airframe Familiarisation - Airfield and Bombing Range 16CSMR - Weapon Familiarisation - Small Arms Range & Live Fire Area B 2100-2200Z - Session 2 A/1 - Weapon Familiarisation - Small Arms Range & Live Fire Area B A/2 - Amphibious Assault Drills - Live Fire Area A MSP - Amphibious Assault Drills - Live Fire Area A Flight - As before, plus optional Armour Familiarisation - Tank Range 16CSMR - Amphibious Assault Drills - Live Fire Area A 2230 - Officers and NCOs debrief & lessons learned - review schedule for next training operation. Wednesday 13 December 2000-2100Z - Session 3 All Infantry Elements - Coy Manoeuvre Exercise - Live Fire Area B Flight Elements - CAS practice on costal strip targets - Live Fire Area A 2100-2230Z - Session 4 All Elements: Amphibious Assault Landing - Live Fire Exercise - Live Fire Area A 2230 - In field debrief and mission outline for Op WATCHTOWER.
  5. A Coy continues offensive operations with a final push to destroy militant staging areas in the western desert. A reminder to all to vote on the calendar entry for this Op ASAP.

    A Coy continues offensive operations in the south western desert in order to LOCATE, IDENTIFY and DESTROY remains of insurgent formations.
  7. PC Cleaning

    CBRN incident right there.
  8. Website photos

    Some great shots here lads - keep ‘em coming please!
  9. ADMIN Patrol Reports

    Some cracking reports there and bang on time. Clearly a lesson here about not ‘liberating’ friendly vehicles found in the field unless the owners are confirmed KIA or you have cleared the movement with them directly.... Good to see we have stopped the wasteful practice of BIP for disabled vehicles - just get the repair teams out to tip them upright and you are golden.
  10. SITUATION A Coy has been tasked to FOB HERMES in the MURZUQ desert, South West LIBYA. A Coy is to be prepared to conduct mounted patrol operations in designated Ops Boxes YE, YF, YG, YH. TASKING 1) ASSIST workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to manage the flow of migrants from Sub Saharan Africa; 2) IDENTIFY and DETAIN suspected people-smugglers; 3) IDENTIFY and NEUTRALISE DIVINE STATE supporting armed elements; 4) LOCATE, IDENTIFY and CONTAIN chemical weapons stocks associated with the former Regime. CONOP Patrol Cdrs will receive detailed tasking and log routes prior to departure. EXECUTION TBC SUPPORT & SERVICES Per SOP Additional comms relay will be provided by JHC rotary. BRIEFING & FAMILIARISATION All personnel will attend CBRN refresher briefing prior to commencing patrol. IADP personnel will contribute to Coy briefing on handling of displaced persons. MAP DATA & SATINT YE - 10x10km top left YF - 10x10km bottom left YG - 10x10kn top right YH - 10x10km bottom right
  11. Map Data and SATINT

    A Coy AO:
  12. ADMIN Patrol Reports

    Patrol Cdrs to report here after each operation: 1) Patrol composition and Location - including VRN of any vehicles; 2) Leaguer Status - ideally with a visual; 3) Ammunition and/or supplies expended; This information is essential to provide continuity between operations and must be provided promptly after each ENDEX.
  13. Operation PHILEMON Libya, South West Desert, September 2017 SITUATION In the aftermath of the 2011 civil war to oust the Regime of Colonel QUADHAFFI armed groups continue to vie for control of the North African country of Libya. Western military intervention in the region, led by the United Kingdom and France, has left a legacy of scattered tribal, political and religious groups controlling various territories and smuggling routes. A weakened Government of National Accord controls key territory and much of the remnants of the Libyan National Army. Negotiations continue between the GNA and tribal leaders and the LNA is conducting limited operations against so-called 'Divine State' linked Islamist groups. In neighbouring MALI the French led intervention under Op SEVERAL in 2012-13 liberated a number of major settlements in the border area and placed significant pressure on AQ-linked militant groups. In NIGER and CHAD large swathes of desert border territory are effectively ungoverned, representing a barren yet vital sanctuary for criminal groups and DS linked militants. In Northern NIGERIA United Kingdom military advisors are enabling indigenous forces continued offensive against DS linked elements of BOKO HARAM. Across the region a humanitarian crisis is unfolding. War and famine is driving the greatest movement of refugees for a generation, and western aid agencies are struggling to stem the tide of human suffering as hundreds and thousands of desperate people make the long and dangerous trek to North African ports in the hope of securing a perilous passage to Europe. Against this backdrop terrorist groups aligned to so-called 'Divine State' are rumoured to have secured access to part of secret chemical weapon stocks built up by the QUADDHAFI Regime. With an unprecedented level of terrorist threat across much of Europe the threat of a large scale atrocity is growing. In the UK the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre has set the national threat level to CRITICAL: an attack is imminent and could occur without warning. RESPONSE Recognising the scale of the unfolding humanitarian disaster and the growing threat from terrorist and criminal groups operating in ungoverned spaces the UN Security Council approved UNSCR 3014 in early September 2017 authorising an international military force to intervene in support of the GNA in order to manage the flow of refugees from sub-Saharan Africa and neutralise terrorist groups operating in the LIBYA/CHAD/NIGER border area. UK support to enforcement of UNSCR 3014 will be delivered through TF BAUCIS, consisting of elements 16 Air Assault Bde and Joint Helicopter Command with RN surface assets in support. A TOP SECRET addenda to UNSCR 3014 points to recent classified assessments that chemical weapons stocks linked to the former QUADDHAFI Regime are likely to have fallen into the hands of DS linked militant groups who plan to smuggle them into Europe. Identifying and Containing these weapons is a priority tasking for TF BAUCIS. FRIENDLY FORCES TF BAUCIS will stage via French controlled military facilities in KIGALI in Eastern MALI. As part of this effort 2 PARA BG is slated for onward deployment via rotary lift to the MURZUQ region of SOUTH WESTERN LIBYA. A series of FOBs is under construction to enable the 2 PARA BG to exert control across a significant portion of the desert border area. A forward recce party with Royal Engineer support is working to construct FOB HERMES for the use of A Coy plus supports and elements. GREENFOR In KIGALI, MALI, significant local police and military presence continues to exert pressure on scattered militant groups. In the MURZUQ region, SOUTH WESTRN LIBYA, limited Libyan National Army presence consisting of infrequent and poorly equipped patrols into fringes of desert areas. LNA mostly focused on fighting in the east of the country against DS linked groups still holding territory following the civil war. HUMANITARIAN In the Libyan desert border area a significant presence from International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) managing temporary camps through the International Disaster Assistance Programme (IDAP) to provide food, shelter and medical assistance to displaced persons. ICRC/IDAP mission is to alleviate human suffering and their personnel do not participate in enforcing border controls or other law enforcement requirements. CIVPOP In KIGALI, MALI, a densely populated desert trading city surrounded by barren and inhospitable country. In MURZUQ, SOUTH WEST LIBYA a very sparse local population estimated at less than 5 pax per sq/km in scattered farmsteads dedicated to raising livestock. Limited grazing opportunities mean that small flocks must often be moved far into the desert area to find new food sources. Herders will frequently move with their livestock and corral them at night using local terrain. Significant migratory Berber population transits the border areas making living via livestock and trade. Tented encampments can sometimes be found in the high desert. Steady stream of migrants attempting to cross the border desert on foot in order to evade border controls. Mostly younger males strong enough to attempt the long and dangerous journey. ENEMY FORCES DI assess that MURZUQ region acts as training ground and staging area for a number of DS linked militant groups with historic links to AQ and predecessors such as LIFG. Precise numbers and locations are unknown. Training camps and logistics areas are often well camouflaged to frustrate satellite coverage and other ISTAR. HUMINT coverage of the border area is limited to fragmentary reports via the French DGSE. DI estimate between 2-300 fighters present in 2 PARA AO at any one time, although numbers may be significantly higher or lower depending on other dispositions. Weapons include ex Soviet bloc SA up to 12.7mm, mortars, recoilless rifles and off road technical type vehicles. Highly sensitive intelligence on possible chemical weapons stocks will be shared on a Need To Know basis. GROUND MURZUQ desert border region encompasses the rolling dunes of the northern Sahara Desert bordered in the south by the TIBESTI MOUNTAINS and in the west by the striking rock formations of the TASSILI N'AJJER plateau. 2 PARA BG Area of Operations will straddle the desert and plateau region and encompasses approx 400 square kilometres of rocky desert with deep wadis, areas of open sand and scattered xeric woodlands. CivPop are either nomad tribes involved in cross desert trade or local farmers using scarce foliage to raise herds of goats for their milk, skins and meat. Although less well known than the UNESCO protected sites in the neighbouring TASSILI N'AJJER plateau the region does hold some striking archaeological remains including prehistoric tombs and monuments from the early Graeco-Roman era. Periodic archaeological expeditions remain underway from time to time despite the challenging security situation. TASKING 1) ASSIST workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to manage the flow of migrants from Sub Saharan Africa; 2) IDENTIFY and DETAIN suspected people-smugglers; 3) IDENTIFY and NEUTRALISE DIVINE STATE supporting armed elements; 4) LOCATE, IDENTIFY and CONTAIN chemical weapons stocks associated with the former Regime. CONCEPT OF OPERATION 2 PARA BG will deploy Bn and Coy strength forces in a series of near-border positions with intent to conduct mounted operations in the cross border area in co-ordination with local military, law enforcement and non-state entities. EXECUTION Ground forces: long range desert patrols, identify and interdict people smugglers and terrorist groups. Laager in the high desert to rest and refit in order to enable extended patrols. Rotary resupply of rations/ammunition/personnel. Priority for patrols to develop J2 picture via engagement with CIVPOP and eyes on challenging terrain features. SUPPORT & SERVICES Indirect Support: 1 Troop, B Batt, 7RHA (3x105mm lt gun) based at FOB HERMES Air forces: FW limited to coalition airframes likely French and/or USAF. Rotary limited to utility lift pending assessment of local MANPAD threat (currently: LOW) which may require deployment of APACHE as CAP for utility lift. ISTAR support to patrols via armed drone. Medical: Field Surgery at FOB HERMES. Casevac either ground based or rotary. Logistics: Via rotary from FOB.
  14. WARNO Operation Callisto VIII 041900ZOCT17

    Outstanding voting from A/2 and MSP. Good stuff. Everyone else - get it sorted please, and if you have got it sorted then lean on your mates and get them sorted.
  15. WARNO Operation Callisto VIII 041900ZOCT17

    Orders updated with basic information. Full OPORD awaited via J3