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  1. Really like the style, the narration was really nice way of making sure it was understood. That ending though lol.
  2. Heracles V FSG Intel 1 x Multi coloured, decorated Larda - Driven by 1 x fighting age male Vehicle drove SOUTH toward 2 Platoon NORTHERN VCP. Stopped short and occupant dismounted waved twice toward compound Y6L-12, then occupant began possible prayer at roadside in GRIDS 0131 0318. Vehicle then moved toward VCP and turned around moving back NORTH. Vehicle moved round compound Y6L-11 on NORTHERN road and turned right onto road between Y6L and Y7E moving SE. Vehicle stopped just NORTH of compound Y6L-20 and occupant entered the compound. Driver stayed on position for approx 15-20 minutes before getting back in the vehicle and driving NW before taking a right turn and moving NE into green zone using road SE of compound Y7R-1. FSG Hill recieved 2 x RPGs and inaccurate small arms fire from vicinity Y7E-15, Y7E-14, Y7E-13.
  3. 1/3 YES - 8 Cpl Scrivener A/LCpl Dahl Pte Oliver Pte Forman Pte Mcpherson Pte Fitchett Pte Ward Pte Rabbit MAYBE - 0 NO/LOA - 0 UNKNOWN - 0 TOTAL:8
  4. Confirmed ? 4 LCpl Scrivener Pte Dahl Pte Fitchett Pte Mcpherson Maybe ? 1 Pte Oliver No/LOA ? 2 Cpl Makinen Pte Smith O Unconfirmed ? 1 Pte Forman Out of total 8
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