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  1. Haagenrud

    Op Falcon

    I asked for a SW-special on several occations during my time in this unit. Now you've done it. To quote a certain someone: Cunts!
  2. Good job Ben, and WELL deserved! Hopefully you'll get me back in the section in the close future.
  3. Tequila is the name of the game here. At least after lunch.
  4. Congratulations Coxson, and welcome to 1/2! Looking forward to working with you both on and off the servers.
  5. Good, let's all blame Pedersen then. But yeah, it was indeed good fun! I for one enjoy having an actual opponent from time to time. Not that I don't enjoy our regular ops, but there is something special about having an enemy that actively tries to take you out - and have the means to do so.
  6. Haagenrud

    HR - Gallery

    That's because he's blind as a bat and needs a huge 21:9 monitor in order to spot anything moving before it kills him.
  7. Haagenrud


    Go ahead Vella:)
  8. Well deserved indeed! Congratulations Coxson!
  9. Haagenrud


    A few from 1/2 - Spent a total of 16 mags with the marksman tonight.
  10. Congratulations Millar! Good man for the position!
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