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  1. Haagenrud

    Op Falcon

    I asked for a SW-special on several occations during my time in this unit. Now you've done it. To quote a certain someone: Cunts!
  2. Haagenrud

    SCBC Qualification

    Good job Ben, and WELL deserved! Hopefully you'll get me back in the section in the close future.
  3. Haagenrud

    Promotions and Assignments A/1/2

    Well deserved Sendall!
  4. Haagenrud

    Promotion and Assignment

    Tequila is the name of the game here. At least after lunch.
  5. Haagenrud

    Promotion and Assignment

    Congratulations Coxson, and welcome to 1/2! Looking forward to working with you both on and off the servers.
  6. Haagenrud

    IF44 PvP - Battlegroup21

    Good, let's all blame Pedersen then. But yeah, it was indeed good fun! I for one enjoy having an actual opponent from time to time. Not that I don't enjoy our regular ops, but there is something special about having an enemy that actively tries to take you out - and have the means to do so.
  7. Haagenrud

    IF44 PvP - Battlegroup21

    Round one: Secound round:
  8. Haagenrud

    HR - Gallery

    That's because he's blind as a bat and needs a huge 21:9 monitor in order to spot anything moving before it kills him.
  9. Haagenrud


  10. Haagenrud


    Go ahead Vella:)
  11. Haagenrud

    Promotion and assignment: RRO 2IC

    Well deserved indeed! Congratulations Coxson!
  12. Haagenrud


    A few from 1/2 - Spent a total of 16 mags with the marksman tonight.
  13. Haagenrud

    Promotions & Assignments: 2Lt Millar

    Congratulations Millar! Good man for the position!
  14. That game will probably screw my masters degree....