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    Skiving, hiding from work, sleeping on stag, avoiding work parties, NAAFI breaks, afternoon snoozes, quietly masturbating at the back of the bus.

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  1. Plt Off Willis

    The Paras: Men of War.

    There's a new TV series on ITV called 'The Paras: Men of War' here.. https://www.itv.com/hub/the-paras-men-of-war/2a5398a0001 Also the old 1980 series is still available on the BBC iPlayer here.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p00hjtl0 There is a good dose of Para aggression in both, get em watched... Try and use a VPN if you're a foreigner!!
  2. Plt Off Willis

    Happy Colonial Day!

    Happy Colonial Day!
  3. Plt Off Willis


    Only people who have never been taught the proper drills on the L85, and taken it for a 6 month operational tour in a desert will say its ok. Its a kack handed overweight lumpy shit stick.
  4. Plt Off Willis

    For Flight

  5. Plt Off Willis


    How many hands do you have on the right hand side of your body?
  6. Plt Off Willis


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_HK416 Much better gat!
  7. Plt Off Willis


    Why we dont just scrap the SA80 and go for an M4 platform that does the same job and is about a third the weight I dont know..
  8. Plt Off Willis

    This Awesome guy!

    This man is an utter legend!
  9. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Everybody knows that the Choccy Borbons are the first to disappear off the ruperts plate!
  10. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    I don't know why, but you seem to come across as ginger. Not just a strawberry blonde either, but a total ginger with a faint ammonia smell and everything!
  11. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Biscuits AB! As they were known when I did my training.. The AB standing for Ard Bastard!
  12. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Ok ok.. I chose the wrong biscuit, but it was only an exhample biscuit! In fact lets change this completely, instead of biscuits we'll go for um.. I dont know.. The last box of heavy flow tampons for Bradders, or a new safety catch for Pedo, or a new waifu pillow for me or sommink?
  13. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Only just got here, and he's already kissing Scarle's arse!
  14. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Or, the last ever packet of Hobnobs must be secured (AT ANY COSTS) for the OC's NAAFI break!
  15. Plt Off Willis

    Next OP

    Can we go shopping?