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    Skiving, hiding from work, sleeping on stag, avoiding work parties, NAAFI breaks, afternoon snoozes, quietly masturbating at the back of the bus.

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  1. UPDATE A3: Modpack

    No pants.. Wooo!
  2. Any Game of thrones fans here?

  3. Arma 4?

  4. Arma 4?

    SSgt Kirwan crashed it.
  5. Arma 4?

    I reckon its going to contain the RLC/AGC package.. Cook trailers, chef uniforms and class, blanket stackers and store rooms, and the much needed admin clerks for typing part 1 and 2 orders, and making the OC's brews!
  6. Arma 4?

    Orange DLC? Half Life 3 confirmed!
  7. Arma 4?

    Well we usually get a good dose of what goes into VBS.
  8. Arma 4?

    Come into my house, I have sweets...
  9. Arma 4?

  10. 26-07-17

  11. Traitors All.

    I'll be away from the internet tomorrow and I wanted to get the message out.
  12. Traitors All.

  13. Blackwake.

    Its only £15, and even though its early access there's less bugs than arma!
  14. Blackwake.

    Some time this evening?