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  1. I could have gotten some great pics but I always forget to bloody screenshot
  2. oh but I have to. It is my sworn duty to be THAT guy.
  3. uhm, don't want to be THAT guy, but aren't the rocks on each side of him TECHNICALLY highter? 😆
  4. LCpl Dahl

    OP Mineral

    blast and damn it. Ok I will work on it... Just be aware it will be even shittier than last time!
  5. LCpl Dahl

    OP Mineral

    Brilliant Johnsen
  6. LCpl Dahl

    OP Mineral

    yea, it's really fucking strange, it was one point where me, Coupe and flynn emptied our weapons into a guy and NOTHING HAPPENED (except Flynn died) apart from that, it was a bloody good OP! I didn't even mind the quick TTK for us, it made everything so much more risky to do.
  7. LCpl Dahl

    OP Mineral

    Dashing as fuck.
  8. LCpl Dahl


    Holy switchtits what an OP! Everything I managed to capture for tonight
  9. Only pic I got - the trusty reinsert bird
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