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  1. 16CSMR is not the most glorious posting. We don't charge trenches, we don't kick down doors, we don't preform vanguard actions against mechanized platoons. However, we do something else. We keep people in the fight. I'm sure most if not all of you have passed at least one CCP. Many come visit us way more. Some of you have even gone through the whole chain, from being hit my an RPG to stabilized at a CCP to carried into a chopper and then full healed at an FOB. Ours is a task for a selfless individual. For someone who is willing to follow the platoon and not do that much for a long time, untill shit hits the fan and you are needed at 6 places at once. Sometimes it's a thankless task, there are people who will get annoyed that you need to evac them but as a CMT you are in charge of a casualty and can order anyone, from Silbot and Scarle down to every recruit, to evac or stay in field. You often don't have time or ways to ask for help, you will need to make decisions yourself and very quickly. Hesitation will cost virtual lives. This comes with one of the greatest feelings in the game. Getting a P1 from the field of battle back to a FOB and healing them fully. I've done almost everything in the unit, I've been in the rifle platoon, I've been in FSG, I've done IC work and have been a Plt Sgt as well, but nothing comes close to the joy and relief of succesfully treating and evacing people.
  2. I could have gotten some great pics but I always forget to bloody screenshot
  3. oh but I have to. It is my sworn duty to be THAT guy.
  4. uhm, don't want to be THAT guy, but aren't the rocks on each side of him TECHNICALLY highter? 😆
  5. you are looking good
  6. Nice pics mate!
  7. To: A Coy J2 From: Pte Johnsen, 1/1 OP: Chromite XI I'll try to keep it brief. We moved NORTH from KHUSHAB to set up OP on HILL 2511, with 4/1 in tow. Halfway up the hill they passed us and moved onto the top and we soon sent DELTA fireteam to join them while CHARLIE covered WEST (and possibly EAST). Once the top was cleared the rest of the section joined us and we soon came under fire from the far ridgeline to the NWN. We returned fire, killing at least one enemy combatant, but accurate sniper fire and enemy IDF forced us off the OP and back into defilade. We had taken one T3 casualty (Pte Coupe), but no fatalities. He was CASEVAC'd, I took command of the section, we drafted the remaining member of 4/1 and covered NE to SOUTH. After waiting in defilade for a while we moved WEST and NORTH up to BOF 2 where we met up with the rest of the platoon. Pte Coupe was reinserted and I moved down to 2IC. We pushed NE, passing 1/2 as they got bogged down, and made our way through an enemy minefield while taking fire from the hills to the NORTH. This move was done in column, but we did our best to move in bounds while returning fire. Luckily Air Support ended the contact, as we were not being very effective. We got through the minefield unscathed. Our orders were to bound in a two up with 1/2 until we reached the town of MULLADOOST and to start clearing through it, but orders seemed to have gotten mixed up as 1/2 were still moving slowly in column with their mine-detector at the front. When they did reach us they continued their leisurely patrol, so we took initiative and bounded to the town and started clearing. At the outset we spotted, engaged and killed two enemy combatants, but after that the only resistance we met came in the form of multiple IEDs, booby-traps and mines hidden among the buildings. It was slow going, and we decided to mark and avoid, while others in the platoon chose to approach the objects to... I dunno... confirm the buried explosives were explosive? My thoughts are with their families. We got through our sector just as more IDF started raining down on us, and the order was given to extract. We deployed smoke and started bounding back SOUTH, coming under sporadic enemy fire and returning it when we could. I sustained a grazing wound to the arm (T3, possibly T2), but remained in the field to set up a stop-line facing towards the town 200 meters from the CCP while we waited for extract. The bird arrived and definitely did not blow up. All in all a decent operation for 1/1. No T4 casualties, a handful of kills.
  8. I knew there was a reason I should never visit this cancerous part of the forum
  9. Pte Dahl

    OP Mineral

    blast and damn it. Ok I will work on it... Just be aware it will be even shittier than last time!
  10. Pte Dahl

    OP Mineral

    Brilliant Johnsen
  11. Pte Dahl

    OP Mineral

    yea, it's really fucking strange, it was one point where me, Coupe and flynn emptied our weapons into a guy and NOTHING HAPPENED (except Flynn died) apart from that, it was a bloody good OP! I didn't even mind the quick TTK for us, it made everything so much more risky to do.
  12. Pte Dahl

    OP Mineral

    Dashing as fuck.
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