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  1. Nice one Anthony! I'm waiting for the Tony Kemp vid series
  2. I could have gotten some great pics but I always forget to bloody screenshot
  3. oh but I have to. It is my sworn duty to be THAT guy.
  4. uhm, don't want to be THAT guy, but aren't the rocks on each side of him TECHNICALLY highter? 😆
  5. First thing I heard on radio last OP was that Millar was KIA... I doubt he will ever be.
  6. Was good fun! Heart was pounding and aplms were sweating. There is something very creepy about hearing an unknown voice talking in a foreign language and you realise that they want to throw a frag grenade on your position.... The reason we lost the second map was because I had modpack issues (4GB of files missing from Pedersen's torrent) and couldn't join
  7. It does sound macabre Millar. But as Scarle said, Emmet himself said no less then 10 000 rounds. We "only" managed 6500-7000 rounds... And the GPMG is an area suppression weapon, if you want accuracy you get a L129 or L115. Hell, even a L85 can do in a pinch
  8. so much gunfire. So many rounds.
  9. Nice one Vella! I love how you manage to make me sound almost competent in my job xD Continue with the narration!
  10. every 3 out of 2 guys should have vallons. Just sayin
  11. Sgt Dahl

    Aegis VIII

    Are you friendly? *AK full auto fire* I'm friendly! Please don't shoot me! *throws frag grenade upphill then legs it* brilliant xD
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