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  1. Nice one Anthony! I'm waiting for the Tony Kemp vid series
  2. I could have gotten some great pics but I always forget to bloody screenshot
  3. oh but I have to. It is my sworn duty to be THAT guy.
  4. uhm, don't want to be THAT guy, but aren't the rocks on each side of him TECHNICALLY highter? 😆
  5. Ok, time for some "new" nostalgia: My first ever live OP, Makinen called me "AT-gunner"... whoever cares what the new Ptes name is? (Tbf he did learn my name durig the OP...) Probably one of the most intense OPs I've ever been on... we rescued a downed US pilot and had to leg it like fuck. Tanks, APCs, I don't even know what chased us. It was scary as all hell. DON'T START SENTENCES WITH OH FUCK @Pte Oliver and for good measure, let's throw in OP Brigandine, which was my first campaign as an NCO (A/LCpl of 1/3) no one in my section filmed it (to my knowledge) so you gotta make do with Sgt Makinen's POV. We got mega fucked the entire OP, and shortly after Makinen died my entire section got wiped out and I took my own life with a satchel charge, hoping I got at least two russians with me. If you're only gonna watch a couple of minutes of this one, you should watch the last couple minutes. Good times all around.
  6. Oh? I had no idea, I just remember that it was a massive point when I did signals back before my JNCO course that there was absolutely no solid copies.
  7. Oh I don't know about that mate, I still remember when I was but a young FNG Pte in 1/3 and me and Makinen talked to you in Glasshouse I, I don't remember the exact words, but I think it was something along the lines of "JÄÄÄÄÄÄÄVLAAAAAAAR" shouted across the entire town we were in... I can see that having a place on our strict, boring coms
  8. I know some people are grumpy about coms procedures now, but just listen to how many ‘how copy?’ And ‘solid copy’ tgere are in the ol vids
  9. This thread is truley the old boys club here... I want to post some of those nostalgic OPs I attended, glasshouse (the one where we did S&R for the american pilot and shit hit the fan BIG time), hurricane (close quarters hell), brigandine (first campaign as A/LCpl)... but it feels to recent compared to the old stuff you lot post
  10. Isnt that one of makinens vids?
  11. That vid Howard, is the reason I joined the 16AA. heard some shit about the unit somewhere and just youtubed it. That came up and as I watched it I knew I needed to join. 4 years later I'm still impressed by the casevac chain.
  12. 4 years I've been here, and I still feel like the new kid on the block sometimes (reference game on point)... fun to see some of the old names I still remember though
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