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  1. 2Lt MacDonald

    Op Falcon

    Aye, was a good night. To start with our Stormtroopers were actually being tactical - course that didn't last....... Mac
  2. 2Lt MacDonald

    Promotions A/1

    Well done guys. Mac
  3. 2Lt MacDonald

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    Alright, updated with maps and all entrants. Going to say no more entrants for this one but if you're keen to play post up and I'll put you on a reserve list. Btw CTA is in the current sale if you want of the extra bits. Mac
  4. 2Lt MacDonald

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    Cool, I'll get it sorted by the weekend. Mac
  5. 2Lt MacDonald

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    No worries guys, I'll get the matches updated imminently. Mac
  6. 2Lt MacDonald

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    Alright gents, 5th December it is. Still plenty of space for others to get in on this. Mac
  7. 2Lt MacDonald

    Call to Arms Tournament: 5th December 20:00 GMT

    There were 8 of you ticked wanting to play this in the Barracks. I am quite happy to beat up McPherson and Cvijanovic all night if need be. 😉
  8. Alright folks, Time for another stab at an RTS tournament. Call to Arms was the popular choice (And it's free to play so anyone can get in on it). It is a platoon sized RTS so good practise for fire and manouevre for anyone who fancies section/platoon IC roles in the 16AA. The plan is to do this on a Wednesday evening between 20:00 and 23:00 GMT in November. Get your names posted up below if you want in on it. Open to all. Mac 5th December 20:00 GMT Game Mode: Domination 100pt VP limit Any Coalition or Resistance forces can be used 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. Map Bridge MacDonald vs Fairlie Lee vs Sullivan McPherson vs Colthurst Cvijanovic vs Bowler Map Cold industry Bowler vs MacDonald Cvijanovic vs Colthurst Lee vs Mcpherson Fairlie vs Sullivan Map Construction Yard Bowler vs Colthurst Cvijanovic vs Lee Fairlie vs McPherson MacDonald vs Sullivan Map Creek Mcpherson vs Sullivan Cvijanovic vs Fairlie MacDonald vs Colthurst Lee vs Bowler Map Highway Colthurst vs Lee Cvijanovic vs Sullivan Bowler vs Fairlie MacDonald vs Mcpherson (There can be only one Mac) Radar Base Sullivan vs Bowler Fairlie vs Colthurst Lee vs MacDonald Mcpherson vs Cvijanovic Dam Bowler vs Mcpherson MacDonald vs Cvijanovic Colthurst vs Sullivan Lee vs Fairlie
  9. 2Lt MacDonald

    OPORD Operation IRON UNIFORM I 071900ZOCT18

    Thanks. It is very much from 1plt perspective so Flight if you’ve anything to add please do so. Mac
  10. 2Lt MacDonald


    I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get a joystick. Haven't played a proper flying game in years and have a t least a couple different ones sat in my Steam library. No IL2, yet. Mac
  11. 2Lt MacDonald

    Operation PHOENIX II

    I snapped a similar one, quite like the Fall colouring. Mac
  12. 2Lt MacDonald


    Singed but unbowed 16AA will be back in the field. Stand by for QBO's. Mac
  13. 2Lt MacDonald

    Leaked footage of Joint flight command during Vampire III

    You sir cannot talk; the amount of times you 'solid copy' on platoon comms...... Mac
  14. 2Lt MacDonald

    Recce Course - Exercise Wiley Weasel I

    Looks like a cracking exercise, nice. Mac