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  1. Ege, you live! Happy new year bud! Mac
  2. Pte MacDonald

    Op Falcon

    Aye, was a good night. To start with our Stormtroopers were actually being tactical - course that didn't last....... Mac
  3. Alright, updated with maps and all entrants. Going to say no more entrants for this one but if you're keen to play post up and I'll put you on a reserve list. Btw CTA is in the current sale if you want of the extra bits. Mac
  4. No worries guys, I'll get the matches updated imminently. Mac
  5. Alright gents, 5th December it is. Still plenty of space for others to get in on this. Mac
  6. There were 8 of you ticked wanting to play this in the Barracks. I am quite happy to beat up McPherson and Cvijanovic all night if need be. 😉
  7. Alright folks, Time for another stab at an RTS tournament. Call to Arms was the popular choice (And it's free to play so anyone can get in on it). It is a platoon sized RTS so good practise for fire and manouevre for anyone who fancies section/platoon IC roles in the 16AA. The plan is to do this on a Wednesday evening between 20:00 and 23:00 GMT in November. Get your names posted up below if you want in on it. Open to all. Mac 5th December 20:00 GMT Game Mode: Domination 100pt VP limit Any Coalition or Resistance forces can be used 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss. Map Bridge MacDonald vs Fairlie Lee vs Sullivan McPherson vs Colthurst Cvijanovic vs Bowler Map Cold industry Bowler vs MacDonald Cvijanovic vs Colthurst Lee vs Mcpherson Fairlie vs Sullivan Map Construction Yard Bowler vs Colthurst Cvijanovic vs Lee Fairlie vs McPherson MacDonald vs Sullivan Map Creek Mcpherson vs Sullivan Cvijanovic vs Fairlie MacDonald vs Colthurst Lee vs Bowler Map Highway Colthurst vs Lee Cvijanovic vs Sullivan Bowler vs Fairlie MacDonald vs Mcpherson (There can be only one Mac) Radar Base Sullivan vs Bowler Fairlie vs Colthurst Lee vs MacDonald Mcpherson vs Cvijanovic Dam Bowler vs Mcpherson MacDonald vs Cvijanovic Colthurst vs Sullivan Lee vs Fairlie
  8. Thanks. It is very much from 1plt perspective so Flight if you’ve anything to add please do so. Mac
  9. Pte MacDonald


    I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and get a joystick. Haven't played a proper flying game in years and have a t least a couple different ones sat in my Steam library. No IL2, yet. Mac
  10. I snapped a similar one, quite like the Fall colouring. Mac
  11. until
    Singed but unbowed 16AA will be back in the field. Stand by for QBO's. Mac
  12. You sir cannot talk; the amount of times you 'solid copy' on platoon comms...... Mac
  13. Looks like a cracking exercise, nice. Mac
  14. until
    A Coy continues on Operation VAMPIRE. Stand by for WARNO.
  15. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite IX 1. Patrol 2. As part of a platoon effort to sweep the hills SW of PB CARDIFF 1/1 patrolled from OP YANKEE to GR 037 114 where we setup a temporary OP. After a stint there we pushed N to GR 037 114 and put out another temporary OP. With no activity we continued to push N and came under danger close enemy contact in GR 028 122 at 07:35L approx. We assaulted through what turned out to be a section strength enemy force. We killed 7 and took 2 P3's. We then went firm at 07:50L in GR 027 122 with a good LOS covering N towards the nearest town. 3. 05:54L - 08:00L 4. Hills W and NW of PB CARDIFF 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: We were able to collect assorted LMG's, Ak's and other small arms, radios and maps from the enemy dead. We also found a blood trail heading N. It is possible that one of the enemy has been injured and fled towards the N.
  16. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite VIII 1. R&R 2. 1/1 found a nice little watering hole up North and spent some time swimming and relaxing after the previous Op. 3. N/K 4. N/A 5. Media: A photo of LCpl Dahl in a mankini was taken, bidding starts at £20. 6. Additional: N/A
  17. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite VII 1. Assault on Bastam 2. As 1/2 and 1/3 pushed into BASTAM on foot we drove in securing the T-junction in the centre of town, 1/1C on the N and 1/1D the S to block the roads. We immediately began taking small arms fire. At that time we saw a British casualty further up the road and attempted to treat him but his injuries were too severe. We then took an RPG danger close on one of the vehicles and I pushed a scratch fireteam into what became known as Compound White to attempt to clear that threat. We had sustained 1 p3 and 1 p2 by now and as we cleared a further building in Compound White I was injured, p1. At this time a civilian came running to towards the foxhounds and sensibly actually got on the ground. While protesting his innocence we restrained him to keep him out of harms way until the firefight had passed. As I was now injured Pte Sullivan stepped up and with a scratch fireteam cleared the remainder of Compound White before going firm and covering the danger from the mosque. 3. N/K 4. BASTAM 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: Assorted weaponry was recovered from the scene including an RPG and several Kalashnikovs.
  18. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite VI 1. Market Protection 2. 1/1 patrolled the market during market day for the best part of two hours. During that time we observed fairly regular market day behaviour. 3. N/K 4. FERUZ ABAD 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: N/A 1. VCP duties 2. 1/1 held a VCP on the NE outskirts of FERUZ ABAD. As the market was drawing to a close a motorbike courier approached the VCP and after questioning was allowed through. He claimed to be carrying a parcel which he did not know the contents of but was detailed in who and where it had come from. 3. N/K 4. FERUZ ABAD 5. Media: An image is available upon request 6. Additional: Later as we were returning to FOB CARPENTER there was an explosion within FERUZ ABAD. The same courier was seen exiting the area to the NE at speed.
  19. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite V 1. Convoy ambush 2. 1/1 as lead vehicles in a supply convoy spotted an ambush set up ahead with vehicles parked to block our route. I stopped the convoy before the ambush point and shortly after we began taking small arms and RPG fire. Vehicles behind us in the convoy took damage and we held and provided covering fire while they repaired themselves. During that exchange Pte Sullivan was shot and killed while operating one of the foxhounds GPMG's. Once the convoy was able to move again they pushed past us off road and we held to cover their move. As that was happening 2 civilians started approaching us through a nearby stand of trees. We didn't catch what they were trying to say and after lots of warning shots and Jakobsen translating my message for them, in his own inimitable polite fashion, that they FO, they got the hint. It is with regret that I must report that as we were leaving to rejoin the convoy past the ambush point an RPG hit 1/1D's vehicle, killing all occupants. We were forced to leave the vehicle and our casualties behind as we had no other support available. 3. 15.30L 4. GR 066 168 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: N/A 1. Shooting of 2 locals found at a British soldier's corpse 2. 1/1C Came across 2 individuals on the road NE of FERUZ ABAD stood over a British soldier's corpse and as we drove up one of them had just picked up the soldier's sidearm. We immediately disembarked and Pte Jakobsen at my instruction ordered them to get on the ground. They did not comply and one jumped back in their car which was parked nearby. I stood in front of that and Pte Jakobsen again repeated the instruction for them to get down. They continued to not comply. Warning shots were fired and they ran at which point they were shot. 3. When: 16:05L. 4. Main road NE FERUZ ABAD, approx GR 067 136 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: As we were wrapping up this scene we came under sporadic small arms fire. There was also an explosion danger close but cannot say whether IDF, UGL or RPG. We headed back into the cover of FERUZ ABAD at speed. 1. Detaining of suspicious individual 2. While searching the heights SE of FERUZ ABAD for a suspected insurgent we spotted an individual making use of an abandoned military building and tower to watch over the town and FOB CARPENTER. At request of 10B we pushed in and detained him, bringing him back to FOB CARPENTER for questioning. He did come willingly and appeared to live in a building near the tower, GR 064 132. While we did not get chance for a lengthy conversation before other tasking my terp did note down the following: " His name was Jahal Samali, and he had a TNA supervisor. Was apparently in charge of maintenance on that compound." 3. 16:15L 4. PB Kakaru 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: While all this was happening we were approached by a local. He knew the man we had detained and wanted to know what was going on. He continued to harangue us with insults and abuse; the only thing perhaps of note being that he was convinced nobody would come to the market because of the shootings that had taken place, questioning our ability to protect the market and intimating that we were responsible for lots of civilian casualties.
  20. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite IV 1. Investigation of disturbance at PB Kakaru 2. 1/1 Drove to PB Kakaru. Upon arrival the PB seemed deserted. There was no guard on the gate or in the compound and myself and Pte Jakobsen had actually entered the main PB building before a sleepy guard appeared asking what was going on. He had no information on the disturbance reported, said the rest of his unit had left to form a VCP somewhere and suggested knocking on doors in the village to see if anyone knew anything. Considering the early hour and the lack of any solid intel we boarded up and left for PB London. 3. 0650L 4. PB Kakaru 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: N/A 1. Anar Local Intel - Oil Fields SE of Anar 2. While on patrol I engaged in conversation with the local foreman, Farouk, at the nearby oil drilling facility. He informed me that the site is currently operating on a skeleton crew, 10 staff and 2 security guards. The company is in the process of changing contracts with the government and to save money is bringing in cheaper labour from outside the area. This is causing friction with the locals who are losing jobs as a result. It hasn't caused any violence though and is likely just to be angry protests if anything. 3. When: 07:15L. 4. Main building, Oilfield SE Anar. 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: While we don't have any direct sway over what this oil company does the job situation in Anar is likely to be the cause of continuing frustration for locals. I request that we put it to the oil company that the fraction of the money they are saving with cheaper labour from elsewhere will be dwarfed by the money they will lose if the locals picket the facility and their shipments are delayed as a result. If those shipments are delayed we are not here as a police force and will not get involved in any dispute. If they are prepared to return the jobs to the locals however we could potentially assist with escorting shipments and put out more patrols around the facility. 1. Petrol bomb attack at PB Kakaru 2. 1/1 had patrolled towards the high ground overlooking Kakaru to set up OP's to watch for any activity which might correspond to the disturbances reported. While observing the village a white sedan drove up and two individuals got out and threw petrol bombs over the PB walls. 1/1D engaged at range and disabled the vehicle. 1/1C closed the distance to the village on foot. One of the attackers tried to hide in a building on the outskirts of town and 1/1C were able to apprehend him. The other fled into the hills. While 1/1C were apprehending the attacker a civilian with a motorbike drove by and despite warning shouts, and warning shots, kept approaching us. The rider was shot as a result. A couple of minutes later a car tried to do the same thing and again, despite warning shouts and shots pushed past us into the village. He crashed nearby and died as a result. Upon investigation of the PB both TNA soldiers on the position had died. We were able to collect their remains and they were returned to FOB Carpenter. The two casualties from the motorbike and the car crash were left on scene and local first aiders/TNP were informed of their location. 3. 0745L 4. PB Kakaru 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: While all this was happening we were approached by a local from the village. His conversation was difficult to follow; either his cousin was the man we apprehended or his cousin was missing. We tried to get to the bottom of it but had to return to PB London and informed him to take the matter up with the TNP.
  21. To: A Coy J2 From: 1/1 OP: Chromite III 1. TNP HQ Shooting 2. Two men on a motorbike drove up, dismounted and engaged the occupants of the TNP HQ with small arms fire at close range. 3. When: 17:00L approx. 4. TNP HQ, SW of FERUZ ABAD 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: TNP and 1/1C engaged the shooters, and dropped one as they fled the scene. 1/1C maintained our checkpoint to keep the Shura secure and our TNP colleague immediately went to the station to help. At this time 1/3 acting as QRF arrived and pushed past to help deal with the casualties and pursue the remaining shooter. 1. Assist TNP colleagues 2. Following the shooting at the TNP HQ 1/1 pushed out as the lead Victors in a convoy to aid the TNP in hunting for the shooter. We pushed to the outskirts of an area with suspected IED's and began sweeping the road for the convoy on foot. One IED found at GR 0494 1301. This was marked and avoided. As my vallon teams were coming past there was suspicious activity at a house bordering the road. Immediate entry was made and the occupant placed under arrest on suspicion of planting the IED found. As we had no EOD capability we then proceeding to clear a route parallel to the road for the convoy to move through. At this time we took small arms fire from the hills to the SW and LCpl Dahl sustained injuries to his legs. My vallon teams popped smoke and pulled back to the safety of the Victors. We continued to take sporadic ineffective fire and eventually pulled back to FOB CARPENTER. 3. When: 17:45L. 4. Convoy pushed to GR 052 130 before 1/1 began sweeping further SW on foot. 5. Media: N/A 6. Additional: The man who was detained was brought back to FOB CARPENTER for questioning.
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