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  1. until
    1/3 stand-alone op/training. Details to follow.
  2. until
    1/3 stand-alone op/training. Details to follow.
  3. until
    In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.
  4. Ege, you live! Happy new year bud! Mac
  5. Cpl MacDonald

    Op Falcon

    Aye, was a good night. To start with our Stormtroopers were actually being tactical - course that didn't last....... Mac
  6. I snapped a similar one, quite like the Fall colouring. Mac
  7. until
    Singed but unbowed 16AA will be back in the field. Stand by for QBO's. Mac
  8. Looks like a cracking exercise, nice. Mac
  9. until
    A Coy continues on Operation VAMPIRE. Stand by for WARNO.
  10. Surely we've promoted you enough you're out of harms way by now. Mac
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