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  1. So all we do is turn the lights green, that's a lot more simple than it's been in the past
  2. Looks really interesting Tasner!
  3. Nice to meet you mate! Welcome to the group
  4. Idk what happened to that Tweet but it was just a journalist stating that they were visiting Bohemia to have a look at the progress on Arma 4. Must of been fake
  5. You know what, why not! I'll set my gear up for friday
  6. I remember doing this exact course It was really good, as where the other courses that could be taken such as Signals
  7. It's funny how you can watch old vids like these and hear voices you haven't heard in ages and you know exactly who it is. Anyone got a clip of that south african bloke that had the catchphrase "Alright Gents"
  8. Just got IronWolf VR if someone wants to play sometime
  9. Filled it in for you buddy
  10. Me and Beardmore were up for tonight It might be worth trying a different night though
  11. Damn mate, that's awesome!
  12. My first campaign was Glasshouse. If anyones got any cool early Arma 3 stuff that'd be sweet to see! I think it's been 4 years since you guys did the switch-er-roo upgrade from 2 to 3
  13. Hey @Pte Blanthorn Friday 8pm would be perfect!
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